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An async Python3.6 library to search for anime, manga andlight novel using various web apis.

Project description

# Minoshiro [![Build Status](]( [![Documentation Status](](

Inspired by the Roboragi [Reddit bot](, Minoshiro is an async Python library that brings various web APIs for anime, manga, and light novel into one place.

## Features * Simple and modern Pythonic API using async/await syntax * Fetches search results from up to 9 different websites * Cached search results for faster access * Integrates with existing databases

## Requirements Requires [Python3.6]( or above. Python3.5 and below is not supported.

## Install To install the base version, simply install from PyPi: ` pip install minoshiro `

This library also comes with a PostgreSQL support, to use this feature you will need a PostgreSQL version 9.6 or above instance hosted.

To install with the built in PostgreSQL support, use: ` pip install minoshiro[postgres] `

This installs [asyncpg]( alongside of the base requirements.

## Documentation Documentation can be found at

You can also find some quick examples in this [file](

## License Minoshiro is released under the MIT license. See the license [file]( for more details.

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