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Python SDK for Minter Network

Project description

Python SDK

Ported from official Minter's php SDK

Created by's masternode co-founder Roman Matusevich

You can support our project by sending any Minter's coins to our wallet Mx6e0cd64694b1e143adaa7d4914080e748837aec9

Feel free to delegate to our 3% masternode Mp02bc3c3f77d5ab9732ef9fc3801a6d72dc18f88328c14dc735648abfe551f50f


pip install minter-sdk

Using API

from mintersdk.minterapi import MinterAPI

node_url = ''  # Example of a node url
api = MinterAPI(api_url=node_url)

# 'connect_timeout', 'read_timeout', 'headers' kwargs would be passed to request, if provided
api = MinterAPI(api_url=node_url, connect_timeout=1, read_timeout=3, headers={})

Numeric strings automatically are converted to integers in response['result'] dict.

Some API methods accept pip2bip (bool) argument to convert coin values from PIP to BIP.
Values are Decimal type after conversion.


  • get_addresses(addresses, height=None, pip2bip=False)
    Returns addresses balances.

  • get_balance(address, height=None, pip2bip=False)
    Returns coins list, balance and transaction count (for nonce) of an address.

  • get_block(height, pip2bip=False) Returns block data at given height.

  • get_candidate(public_key, height=None, pip2bip=False)
    Returns candidate’s info by provided public_key. It will respond with 404 code if candidate is not found.

  • get_candidates(height=None, include_stakes=False, pip2bip=False)
    Returns list of candidates.

  • get_coin_info(symbol, height=None, pip2bip=False)
    Returns information about coin. Note: this method does not return information about base coins (MNT and BIP).

  • get_events(height, pip2bip=False)
    Returns events at given height.

  • get_genesis(pip2bip=False)
    Return network genesis.

  • get_latest_block_height()
    Returns latest block height.

  • get_max_gas_price(height=None)
    Returns current max gas price.

  • get_min_gas_price()
    Returns current min gas price.

  • get_missed_blocks(public_key, height=None)
    Returns missed blocks by validator public key.

  • get_network_info()
    Return node network information.

  • get_nonce(address)
    Returns next transaction number (nonce) of an address.

  • get_status()
    Returns node status info.

  • get_transaction(tx_hash, pip2bip=False)
    Returns transaction info.

  • get_transactions(query, page=None, limit=None, pip2bip=False)
    Return transactions by query.

  • get_unconfirmed_transactions(limit=None)
    Returns unconfirmed transactions.

  • get_validators(height=None, page=None, limit=None)
    Returns list of active validators.

  • estimate_coin_buy(coin_to_sell, value_to_buy, coin_to_buy, height=None, pip2bip=False)
    Return estimate of buy coin transaction.
    Provide value in PIP if pip2bip is False or in BIP if pip2bip is True

  • estimate_coin_sell(coin_to_sell, value_to_sell, coin_to_buy, height=None, pip2bip=False)
    Return estimate of sell coin transaction.
    Provide value in PIP if pip2bip is False or in BIP if pip2bip is True

  • estimate_coin_sell_all(coin_to_sell, value_to_sell, coin_to_buy, height=None, pip2bip=False)
    Return estimate of sell all coin transaction.
    Provide value in PIP if pip2bip is False or in BIP if pip2bip is True

  • estimate_tx_commission(tx, height=None, pip2bip=False)
    Return estimate of transaction.

  • send_transaction(tx)
    Returns the result of sending signed tx.

SDK use

Create transactions

Each Minter transaction requires nonce, gas_coin to be passed. Also you can pass payload, chain_id, gas_price.

MiterTx(nonce, gas_coin, payload='', service_data='', chain_id=1, gas_price=1, **kwargs)

To create Minter transaction you MUST use concrete transaction class.

All transaction values should be passed in BIP, you shouldn't convert them to PIP.
All coin symbols are case insensitive, e.g. you can pass gas_coin='BIP' or gas_coin='bip'


  • MinterBuyCoinTx

    from mintersdk.sdk.transactions import MinterBuyCoinTx
    tx = MinterBuyCoinTx(coin_to_buy='SYMBOL', value_to_buy=1, coin_to_sell='SYMBOL', max_value_to_sell=2, nonce=1, gas_coin='SYMBOL')
  • MinterCreateCoinTx

    from mintersdk.sdk.transactions import MinterCreateCoinTx
    tx = MinterCreateCoinTx(name='Coin description', symbol='SYMBOL', initial_amount=1.5, initial_reserve=10000, crr=50, max_supply=1000, nonce=1, gas_coin='SYMBOL')
  • MinterDeclareCandidacyTx

    from mintersdk.sdk.transactions import MinterDeclareCandidacyTx
    tx = MinterDeclareCandidacyTx(address='Mx...', pub_key='Mp...', commission=1, coin='SYMBOL', stake=100, nonce=1, gas_coin='SYMBOL')
  • MinterDelegateTx

    from mintersdk.sdk.transactions import MinterDelegateTx
    tx = MinterDelegateTx(pub_key='Mp...', coin='SYMBOL', stake=100, nonce=1, gas_coin='SYMBOL')
  • MinterRedeemCheckTx

    from mintersdk.sdk.transactions import MinterRedeemCheckTx
    tx = MinterRedeemCheckTx(check='check hash str', proof='proof hash str', nonce=1, gas_coin='SYMBOL')
  • MinterSellAllCoinTx

    from mintersdk.sdk.transactions import MinterSellAllCoinTx
    tx = MinterSellAllCoinTx(coin_to_sell='SYMBOL', coin_to_buy='SYMBOL', min_value_to_buy=100, nonce=1, gas_coin='SYMBOL')
  • MinterSellCoinTx

    from mintersdk.sdk.transactions import MinterSellCoinTx
    tx = MinterSellCoinTx(coin_to_sell='SYMBOL', value_to_sell=1, coin_to_buy='SYMBOL', min_value_to_buy=2, nonce=1, gas_coin='SYMBOL')
  • MinterSendCoinTx

    from mintersdk.sdk.transactions import MinterSendCoinTx
    tx = MinterSendCoinTx(coin='SYMBOL', to='Mx...', value=5, nonce=1, gas_coin='SYMBOL')
  • MinterMultiSendCoinTx

    from mintersdk.sdk.transactions import MinterMultiSendCoinTx
    txs = [
        {'coin': 'SYMBOL', 'to': 'Mx..1', 'value': 5},
        {'coin': 'SYMBOL', 'to': 'Mx..2', 'value': 1},
        {'coin': 'SYMBOL', 'to': 'Mx..3', 'value': 4}
    tx = MinterMultiSendCoinTx(txs=txs, nonce=1, gas_coin='SYMBOL')
  • MinterSetCandidateOffTx

    from mintersdk.sdk.transactions import MinterSetCandidateOffTx
    tx = MinterSetCandidateOffTx(pub_key='Mp...', nonce=1, gas_coin='SYMBOL')
  • MinterSetCandidateOnTx

    from mintersdk.sdk.transactions import MinterSetCandidateOnTx
    tx = MinterSetCandidateOnTx(pub_key='Mp...', nonce=1, gas_coin='SYMBOL')
  • MinterUnbondTx

    from mintersdk.sdk.transactions import MinterUnbondTx
    tx = MinterUnbondTx(pub_key='Mp...', coin='SYMBOL', value=100, nonce=1, gas_coin='SYMBOL')
  • MinterEditCandidateTx

    from mintersdk.sdk.transactions import MinterEditCandidateTx
    tx = MinterEditCandidateTx(pub_key='Mp...', reward_address='Mx...', owner_address='Mx...', nonce=1, gas_coin='SYMBOL')

Sign transaction

When your transaction object is created, you can sign it. Every transaction can be signed by private key or/and by signature.
Keep in mind, we have some tx = MinterSomeTx(...) and API api = MinterAPI(...)

  • Sign single signature type transaction

    # Sign with private key
    # Sign with signature
    tx.signature_type = tx.SIGNATURE_SINGLE_TYPE
    signature = tx.generate_signature(private_key='PRIVATE_KEY')
  • Sign multi signature type transaction

    # Sign with private keys
    tx.sign(private_key=['PRIVATE_KEY_1', 'PRIVATE_KEY_2', ...], ms_address='Multisig address Mx...')
    # Sign with signatures
    tx.signature_type = tx.SIGNATURE_MULTI_TYPE
    signature_1 = tx.generate_signature(private_key='PRIVATE_KEY_1')
    signature_2 = tx.generate_signature(private_key='PRIVATE_KEY_2')
    tx.sign(signature=[signature_1, signature_2], ms_address='Multisig address Mx...')
    # Sign with both private keys and signatures
    tx.signature_type = tx.SIGNATURE_MULTI_TYPE
    private_key_1 = 'PRIVATE_KEY_1'
    private_key_2 = 'PRIVATE_KEY_2'
    signature_1 = tx.generate_signature(private_key='PRIVATE_KEY_3')
    signature_2 = tx.generate_signature(private_key='PRIVATE_KEY_4')
    tx.sign(private_key=[private_key_1, private_key_2], signature=[signature_1, signature_2], ms_address='Multisig address Mx...'))

As you see above, to generate signature we must set transaction signature_type before generating signature.

You can set this argument while creating transaction.
tx = MinterSomeTx(..., signature_type=MinterTx.SIGNATURE_MULTI_TYPE)
tx = MinterSomeTx(..., signature_type=MinterTx.SIGNATURE_SINGLE_TYPE)

After that you can simply generate signature without setting it's signature type by overriding attribute.
signature = tx.generate_signature(private_key='PRIVATE_KEY')

Adding signature to multi signature type transaction

When multi signature transaction is created it can be partially signed, e.g. signed by 2 of 3 private keys.
Then partially signed transaction can be transferred to another client and this client can add own signature to transaction.

from mintersdk.sdk.transactions import MinterTx

# Client 1
# Create transaction
tx = MinterSomeTx(...)

# Sign transaction
tx.sign(private_key=['PK_1', 'PK_2'], ms_address='Mx...')

# Then tx.signed_tx is transferred to Client 2

# Client 2
# Received raw_tx (tx.signed_tx from Client 1)
tx = MinterTx.add_signature(signed_tx=raw_tx, private_key='PK_3')

Client 2 will get new tx object with client's 2 signature.
Client 2 may pass tx.signed_tx to next client or just send tx.signed_tx to the network.

Send transaction

When transaction is created and signed, you can send transaction to network. Signed transaction for sending can be found in tx.signed_tx attribute.

# Create transaction
tx = MinterSomeTx(...)

# Sign transaction

# Send transaction
response = api.send_transaction(tx=tx.signed_tx)

Create transaction from raw

You can create transaction object from raw transaction hash. You will get tx object of tx type.

from mintersdk.sdk.transactions import MinterTx

tx = MinterTx.from_raw(raw_tx='...')

Minter deeplink

Let's create a MinterSendCoinTx

from mintersdk.sdk.transactions import MinterSendCoinTx
tx = MinterSendCoinTx(coin='BIP', to='Mx18467bbb64a8edf890201d526c35957d82be3d95', value=1.23456789, nonce=1, gas_coin='MNT', gas_price=1, payload='Hello World')

Now it's time to create deeplink

from mintersdk.sdk.deeplink import MinterDeeplink
dl = MinterDeeplink(tx=tx, data_only=False)

# Deeplink is generated by all tx params (nonce, gas_price, gas_coin, payload) by default.
# If you want to create deeplink only by tx data, set `data_only=True`

After deeplink object is created, you can override it's attributes, e.g.

dl = MinterDeeplink(tx=tx)
dl.nonce = ''
dl.gas_coin = 'MNT'
dl.gas_price = 10

When your deeplink object is ready, generate it

url_link = dl.generate()

# If password check is needed, pass password to generate method
url_link = dl.generate(password='mystrongpassword')

Then you might want to create QR-code from your deeplink

from mintersdk import MinterHelper
qr_code_filepath = MinterHelper.generate_qr(text=url_link)

# For additional params information for `MinterHelper.generate_qr()`, please see sourcecode for this method.

Minter check

Create and sign check

from mintersdk.sdk.check import MinterCheck

# Create check without password
check = MinterCheck(nonce=1, due_block=300000, coin='MNT', value=1, gas_coin='MNT')

# Or create check with password
check = MinterCheck(nonce=1, due_block=300000, coin='MNT', value=1, gas_coin='MNT', passphrase='pass')

# Sign check
signed_check = check.sign(private_key='PRIVATE_KEY')

Create proof

from mintersdk.sdk.check import MinterCheck

proof = MinterCheck.proof(address='Mx...', passphrase='pass')

Create check object from raw

from mintersdk.sdk.check import MinterCheck

# Create and sign check
check = MinterCheck(nonce=1, due_block=300000, coin='MNT', value=1, gas_coin='MNT')
signed_check = check.sign(private_key='PRIVATE_KEY')

# Create object from signed check
check = MinterCheck.from_raw(rawcheck=signed_check)

Minter Wallet

from mintersdk.sdk.wallet import MinterWallet

# Create new wallet
wallet = MinterWallet.create()

# Get wallet data from existing mnemonic
wallet = MinterWallet.create(mnemonic='YOUR MNEMONIC PHRASE')


Convert between PIP and BIP

from mintersdk import MinterConvertor

# Get BIP from PIP
pip_value = 1000000000000000000
bip_value = MinterConvertor.convert_value(value=pip_value, to='bip')

# Get PIP from BIP
bip_value = 100
pip_value = MinterConvertor.convert_value(value=bip_value, to='pip')

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