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Replacing missing values in the dataset with the mean of that particular column using SimpleImputer class.

Project description

Replacing missing values in a dataset with the mean of that particular column


Submitted By: Yash Saxena 101703627


SimpleImputer Class

class sklearn.impute.SimpleImputer(missing_values=nan, strategy='mean', fill_value=None, verbose=0, copy=True, add_indicator=False)

SimpleImputer is a scikit-learn class which is helpful in handling the missing data in the predictive model dataset.It replaces the NaN values with a specified placeholder.It is implemented by the use of the SimpleImputer() method which takes the following arguments:

missing_data : The missing_data placeholder which has to be imputed. By default is NaN.

stategy : The data which will replace the NaN values from the dataset. The strategy argument can take the values – 'mean'(default),'median', 'most_frequent' and 'constant'.

fill_value : The constant value to be given to the NaN data using the constant strategy.

copy : boolean, default=True If True, a copy of X will be created. If False, imputation will be done in-place whenever possible. Note that, in the following cases, a new copy will always be made, even if copy=False

add_indicator : boolean, default=False If True, a MissingIndicator transform will stack onto output of the imputer’s transform. This allows a predictive estimator to account for missingness despite imputation.


Use the package manager pip to install removal system.

pip install missing-values-yash-saxena

How to use this package:

missing-values-yash-saxena can be run as done below:

In Command Prompt

>> missing_values dataset.csv

Sample dataset

a b c
NaN 7 0
0 NaN 4
2 NaN 4
1 7 0
1 3 9
7 4 9
2 6 9
9 6 4
3 0 9
9 0 1

Output Dataset after Handling the Missing Values

a b c
3.777778 7 0
0 4.125 4
2 4.125 4
1 7 0
1 3 9
7 4 9
2 6 9
9 6 4
3 0 9
9 0 1

It is clearly visible that the rows,columns containing Null Values have been Handled Successfully.



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