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Handling missing values in dataset

Project description

UCS633 Project Submission

  • Name - Kartikey Tiwari
  • Roll no. - 101703282


missing_values is a Python package for handling missing values from a dataset.

Missing values

Here’s some typical reasons why data is missing: User forgot to fill in a field. Data was lost while transferring manually from a legacy database. There was a programming error. Users chose not to fill out a field tied to their beliefs about how the results would be used or interpreted. As you can see, some of these sources are just simple random mistakes. Other times, there can be a deeper reason why data is missing. It’s important to understand these different types of missing data from a statistics point of view. The type of missing data will influence how you deal with filling in the missing values.

Getting Started

These instructions will help you to install and use this package for general use.


Your csv file should not have categorical data


Use the package manager pip to install missing_values.

pip install missing_values


You can import it either in Python IDLE or run directly through command prompt

For Command Prompt

If you want to use this package on "data.csv" file. You need to change the directory where "data.csv" is stored then pass the name of csv file ("data.csv") as an input,your new csv file without missing values will be stored as "MissingValuesRemovedata.csv"

missing_values data.csv 

For Python IDLE

from missing_values.missing import missing_values

#file1 is name of your csv file on which you will perform operation

Sample dataset

TK104 TK105 TK107
254 263 338
440 NA 470
501 NA 558
368 451 426
697 709 733
476 542 539
188 223 240
525 659 628
451 689 517
517 509 564
370 321 435
NA 403 306
NA 690 558
NA 460 358
396 492 429


TK104 TK105 TK107
254.0 263.0 338
440.0 11.434782608695652 470
501.0 11.434782608695652 558
368.0 451.0 426
697.0 709.0 733
476.0 542.0 539
188.0 223.0 240
525.0 659.0 628
451.0 689.0 517
517.0 509.0 564
370.0 321.0 435
11.043478260869565 403.0 306
11.043478260869565 690.0 558
11.043478260869565 460.0 358
396.0 492.0 429


Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.

Please make sure to update tests as appropriate.



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