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A library for interfacing with Mitsubishi HVAC via the Echonet lite protocol.

Project description

Mitsubishi Echonet

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A library for interfacing with Mitsubishi HVAC with the ECHONET-lite protocol over WiFi adaptors such as the MAC-568IF-E.

It is specifically designed for use with Home Assistant, and its functionality is limited to HVAC systems, but it could be potentially extended for other ECHONET-lite applications and become a more general purpose library.

Similar implementations seem to be Node JS middleware running on Docker containers to interface into the MQTT API however this is designed to be used as a straight up library, no middleware, Node JS or Docker containers needed!

It is designed to work with Python 3.7 out of the box as that was the environment I was working on.


Simplest way to install is to use pip:

pip install mitsubishi_echonet

Basic usage

Discover a list of HVAC using:

aircons ='Home air conditioner')
aircon = aircons[0]

Turn HVAC on or off:

{'status': 'off'}

Set or Get a HVACs target temperature

{'set_temperature': 25}

Set or Get a HVACs mode of operation:

supported modes =  'auto', 'cool', 'heat', 'dry', 'fan_only', 'other'

{'mode': 'cool'}

Set or Get a HVACs fan speed:

Note - your HVAC may not support all fan speeds.

supported modes = 'auto', 'minimum', 'low', 'medium-Low', 'medium', 'medium-high', 'high', 'very high', 'max'

{'fan_speed': 'medium-high'}

Set or Get a HVACs swing mode:

Useful for split systems Note - your HVAC may not support all swing modes.

supported modes = 'not-used', 'vert', 'horiz', 'vert-horiz'

{'swing_mode': 'vert'}

Set or Get a HVACs automatic direction mode:

Useful for split systems Note - your HVAC may not support all modes.

supported modes = 'auto', 'non-auto', 'auto-horiz', 'auto-vert'

{'auto_direction': 'auto'}

Set or Get a HVACs vertical airflow direction:

Useful for split systems Note - your HVAC may not support all modes.

supported modes = 'upper', 'upper-central', 'central', 'lower-central', 'lower'

{'airflow_vert': 'central'}

### Get HVAC attributes at once:
{'status': 'On', 'set_temperature': 25, 'fan_speed': 'medium-high', 'room_temperature': 25, 'mode': 'cooling'}

Using this library with Home Assistant

NOTE: For Home Assistant users there is now a dedicated repo for the related Home Assistant 'Mitsubishi' custom component that makes use of this Python library: (

'' gives you an idea how to drive the HVAC directly from Python using this library.


Thanks to Karl Chaffey for contributing code updates for v0.4

Thanks to Jeffro Carr who inspired me to write my own native Python ECHONET library for Home Assistant. I could not get his Node JS Docker container to work properly on :-) Some ideas in his own repo got implemented in my own code. (

Also big thanks to Futomi Hatano for open sourcing a high quality and extremely well documented ECHONET Lite library in Node JS that formed the basis of my reverse engineering efforts. (


This application is licensed under an MIT license, refer to LICENSE for details.

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