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The Python interface to query data from Mixpanel.

Project description

# mixpanel-query-py

The Python interface to fetch data from Mixpanel via [Mixpanel's Data Query API]( Note, this differs from the official [Python binding]( which only provides an interface to send data to Mixpanel.

# Installation

To install mixpanel-query-py, simply:

$ pip install mixpanel-query-py

or alternatively (you really should be using pip though):

$ easy_install mixpanel-query-py

or from source:

$ git clone
$ cd mixpanel-query-py
$ python install

# Usage

You will need a [Mixpanel account]( and your `API_KEY` + `API_SECRET` to access your project's data via their API; which can be found in "Account" > "Projects".

from mixpanel_query.client import MixpanelQueryClient
from your_project.conf import MIXPANEL_API_KEY, MIXPANEL_API_SECRET

# Instantiate the client
query_client = MixpanelQueryClient(MIXPANEL_API_KEY, MIXPANEL_API_SECRET)

# Query your project's data
data = query_client.get_events_unique(['Some Event Name'], 'hour', 24)
print data
'data': {
'series': ['2010-05-29', '2010-05-30', '2010-05-31'],
'values': {
'account-page': {'2010-05-30': 1},
'splash features': {
'2010-05-29': 6,
'2010-05-30': 4,
'2010-05-31': 5, # Date + unique event counts
'legend_size': 2

### Authentication
By default the `MixpanelQueryClient` will use signature-based authentication when issuing requests to Mixpanel. If you would like to use the secret-based authentication method, you can do so like this:

from mixpanel_query.client import MixpanelQueryClient
from mixpanel_query.auth import SecretAuth, SignatureAuth
from your_project.conf import MIXPANEL_API_KEY, MIXPANEL_API_SECRET

# Instantiate a secret-based auth client
secret_auth_client = MixpanelQueryClient(MIXPANEL_API_KEY, MIXPANEL_API_SECRET, auth_class=SecretAuth)

# Instantiate a signature-based auth client explicitly
sig_auth_client = MixpanelQueryClient(MIXPANEL_API_KEY, MIXPANEL_API_SECRET, auth_class=SignatureAuth)

View the [api reference](#api-reference) for details on accessing different endpoints.

# API Reference

Mixpanels' full [API reference is documented here](

# Python Support

This library now supports both by Python >2.7.6 as well as <Python 3.4.3 with [recent additions]( added by @robin900.

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