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Module for Mixxx MIDI mapping automatic generation

Project description

This project contains some python tools to automate Mixxx MIDI mapping file management. With this tool you can write well-formed XML .midi.xml files from simple text configuration files, possibly mapping multiple channels and decks with one configuration line.

The script does also create a stub .js template file for MIDI scripts.

This script was used to create controller mappings for CDJ-2000, all input files in this project are in data directory. Only manual changes were to finish the generated .js stub functions.

Example command used to create this mapping was:

mixxx-create-midimap –midi-id=’PIONEER CDJ 2000’ –name=’Pioneer CDJ-2000’
–prefix=PioneerCDJ2000 –decks=2 –midi-channels=1,2 –script-template-directory=/tmp –author=”Ilkka Tuohela” – -D “Pioneer CDJ-2000 configuration for 2 decks on midi channels 1 and 2” data/cdj.controls


See files in data directory for examples of control and output configuration files.


The script expects two configuration files on command line: - first argument contains configurations for controls - second argument contains configurations for outputs

Invalid lines in files are ignored, so we can keep all fields in there even if not mapped.

Control files have following syntax: Group:Key <midicode> <hexvalue> {options} # comment

  • If Group is ‘Channel’, you can automatically create configuration for both decks with flags -d2 and -c1,2 (MIDI channels 1 and 2) to the script
  • Key must be valid command in mixxx, unless scripts are created, in which case it needs to be valid js function name
  • midicode is a variable defined in mixxxmap.midi_constants, see pydoc mixxxmap.midi_constants. This is combined with MIDI channel to create mixxx config ‘status’ key
  • hexvalue is the MIDI code value, 0x00 to 0x7f
  • options can contain any of the valid control option names,separtated by comma. You can list supported values with following command: python -c ‘from mixxxmap.midimap import CONTROL_OPTION_NAMES;print CONTROL_OPTION_NAMES’
  • comment is just a comment string, which is added to the .midi.xml file for the control if defined.

If the options contain ‘Script-Binding’, the script function name is parsed from the ‘key’ field. In this case, ‘key’ doesn’t need to be valid mixxx key.

Output files have following syntax: Group:Key <midicode> <hexvalue> <on> <off> Similar to controls, with additional required arguments for on and off values. If both on and off are not given, values 0.0 and 1.0 are used.

Project details

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