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Miyadaiku - Flexible static site generator for Jinja2 artists

Project description

Miyadaiku is a flexible static site generator for Jinja2 artists.

  • Contents are written in reStructuredText, Markdown, HTML, Jupyter Notebook and YAML.

  • Jinja2 templates to create HTML pages.

  • Jinja2 tags can be used in your contents too. Miyadaiku provides ReST/Markdown extensions to write Jinja2 in content files.

  • Hierarchical contents property. Each directory can have default property values for documents. These property values are also applied to contents of their sub-directories.

  • Theme system to share templates, CSS, Javascript, Image or any other contents files.

  • Themes are managed as Python package. You can install themes from PyPI with pip.

  • Generate index pages and Atom/RSS feeds for Blog sites.



Miydaiku requires Python 3.7 or later.


Use pip to install miyadaiku.

$ pip3 install miyadaiku



  • Support target markup in ipynb files


  • Support recent python-markdown.


  • strip_directory_index property specifies a file name to be striped from the page URL.


  • Support new version of tzlocal module.


  • <meta http-equiv=”refresh” …> element is emitted if refresh_to property is path to the target page.

  • search argument of context.link_to() is not regular expression but plain text.


  • updated property is used as updated element of feed if specified.

  • search argument of context.link_to() is not regular expression but plain text.


  • abstract_html property specifies static abstract text of content in HTML.


  • Fix bug in jinja tag extraction.

  • short_header_id to generate short header id.


  • Support Python 3.9.0

  • nbconvert themes can be installed in nb_templates directory.


  • Add bases to the jinja variable.

  • Add ipynb_export_options config for nbexport option. Default to

    {"TagRemovePreprocessor": {
        "remove_cell_tags": ["remove_cell"],
        "remove_all_outputs_tags": ["remove_output"],
        "remove_input_tags": ["remove_input"]
  • Support nbconvert >= 6.0.

  • Improve file cache.

  • Add content.loader property.


  • :jinja:`` tag can be used in Jupyter markdown cell.

  • Generates sitemap


  • Removed div and a elements around headers.


  • Add context.get_url().

  • Deprecate ContentPropxy.url property.


  • Add directories property to index and feed.

  • Update samile contents created by miyadaiku-start command.

  • Rebuild if YAML files in the project contents directory are updated.

  • Escape :jinja:`` notation in markdown.


  • Support .txt file type.

  • Wrong tzinfo was picked to apply default timezone.

  • File name with extension ‘.j2’ is treated as HTML.

  • Ignore Yaml declarations which does not return dict.

  • New property: updated.


  • Build title from abstract if title_fallback is title and header element not found in the content.

  • Preserve newline in content.abstract.

  • Add .anchor-link style for .ipynb file.

  • YAML can be used in HTML content.

  • Add setattr/getattr to jinja variables.

  • Modified convention of anchor name generation.

  • Add search option to link()/link_to().

Upgrading to Miyadaiku 1.0.0

Miyadaiku 1.0.0 has some incompatible changes.

To upgrade from older version of Miyadaiku, please read following notes.

  1. Package name of external themes are changed.

    • miyadaiku.themes.bootstrap4 -> miyadaiku_theme_bootstrap4

    • miyadaiku.themes.jquery -> miyadaiku_theme_jquery

    • miyadaiku.themes.tether -> miyadaiku_theme_tether

    • miyadaiku.themes.fontawesome-> miyadaiku_theme_fontawesome

    • miyadaiku.themes.popper_js -> miyadaiku_theme_popper_js

  2. Argument names of some method of Miydaiku objects are changed.

    • value argument of path(), path_to(), link(), link_to() methods are renamed to group_value.

    • group_values jinja variable is renamed to group_value.

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