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An MkDocs plugin allowing for categorization of pages

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An MkDocs plugin allowing for categorization of pages in your wiki. This plugin allows for multiple categories per page and will generate a category index page with links to each page within the category.

If you like this MkDocs plugin, you'll probably also like mkdocs-alias-plugin.


Install the package using pip:

pip install mkdocs-categories-plugin

Then add the following entry to the plugins section of your mkdocs.yml file:

  - categories

Important: If you already have a directory named categories in your project's root directory or a section named categories, you must change the base_name option to something else in order to prevent issues or data loss.

For further configuration, see the Options section below.


Add a categories section to your page's meta block:

    - Novels
    - Fiction
    - 19th Century Gothic Fiction

New pages will be generated for each of these categories, with a list of links to each of the wiki pages within the category. The names of these categories are slugified before used in the category URLs. For example, 19th Century Gothic Fiction becomes 19th-century-gothic-fiction.

Please refer to the MkDocs documentation for more information on how the meta-data block is used.


You may customize the plugin by passing options into the plugin's configuration sections in mkdocs.yml:

    - categories:
        generate_index: true
        verbose: false
        base_name: 'categories'
        section_title: 'Categories'
        no_nav: false


Default: true

If true, an index page listing all of the generated categories is created at the base_name URL.


Default: false

You may use the optional verbose option to print more information about which categories were defined during build and how many in total.


Default: categories

A string used to both serve as the URL base for the category pages as well as the navigation section that's automatically generated. Since this sting is used in the generated category URL, please ensure that it only contains URL friendly characters.


Default: Categories

This is the string that's used to render the H2 header at the bottom of each page that defines categories. It is followed by a list of links to each category.


Default: false

By default, mkdocs-categories-plugin will generate navigation entries for each category page under the base_name that you provided. If you want to turn this behavior off, set this option to true.

There's also a know issue with mkdocs-awesome-pages-plugin compatibility that does not allow you to reorder the position of the generated categories section by using a .pages file. If you would rather turn the navigation entries off entirely, this option is for you.


There's a directory named categories in my project

A fatal error must have occurred during the compilation of your site and left the temporary directory containing the intermediate markdown files used by this plugin behind. It is safe to delete this directory since it's only used during the build.

The categories object at URL was not a list, but TYPE

The page identified did not contain a valid categories configuration object. Please make sure that this is an array of strings.



Patch release: implements a bug fix by @rpmzandwijk reported in #1.


Introduces support for the automatic generation of category index pages. This new default behavior can be turned off using an option.


Fixed a breaking bug caused by passing the wrong data into sorted.


Initial release with all of the base logic in place.

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