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MagicKardMarket sdk

Project description

Magic Kard Market Python SDK

A simple SDK for dedicated and widget apps working with Magic Kard Market.


Feel free to contribute! Submit a PR following the guidelines and it will be alright.



From the command line:

pip install mkmsdk

For the SDK to work properly you need to create four environment variables holding the tokens necessary to create the authorization to make requests. You can find them in your Magic Kard Market account page under the apps section.





MKM_ACCESS_TOKEN and MKM_ACCESS_TOKEN_SECRET need to be set to empty string if you want to use a widget app.


First thing to do is import the Mkm class and the API map:

from mkmsdk.mkm import Mkm
from mkmsdk.api_map import _API_MAP

Instance a new instance of Mkm:

# Using API v1.1
mkm = Mkm(_API_MAP["1.1"]["api"], _API_MAP["1.1"]["api_root"])
# Using API v2.0
mkm = Mkm(_API_MAP["2.0"]["api"], _API_MAP["2.0"]["api_root"])

If you want to test on Magic Card Market’s sandbox you must use the sandbox root endpoint:

mkm_sandbox = Mkm(_API_MAP["2.0"]["api"], _API_MAP["2.0"]["api_sandbox_root"])

To make a request:

response = mkm.account_management.account()

# Formats an endpoint
response = mkm.market_place.user(user='SampleUser')

# Call endpoint with specified parameters
response = mkm.account_management.vacation(params={"onVacation": "false"})

This will return a Response object that contains the response from the server.

Note that only market_place requests work when using a widget app.

To get a json you can call response.json().


Integration tests will be skipped if the four environment variables are not set.





Note that some tests will be skipped depending if MKM_ACCESS_TOKEN and MKM_ACCESS_TOKEN_SECRET are empty strings or not.

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