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Boilerplate python packaging


:mkpip: Creates boilerplate python module
:mkbin: Creates a boilerplate script with argparse args, options and flags
:bumpy: Bumps the version in all recursive files in a python module (``__version__`` stuff)

usage: mkpip [-h] [--keywords KEYWORDS] [--dest DEST] [--config CONFIG]
[--author AUTHOR] [--email EMAIL] [--year YEAR]
[--copyright-holder COPYRIGHT_HOLDER]
[--license-path LICENSE_PATH] [--license LICENSE] [--url URL]
name desc

positional arguments:
name Name of project.
desc Description of project. Will go in README.rst,, and license

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
--keywords KEYWORDS, -k KEYWORDS
keywords in
--dest DEST, -d DEST Destination directory that contains project folder
(default ./$name)
--config CONFIG, -c CONFIG
Name of config key in ~/.mkpip.cfg
--author AUTHOR, -a AUTHOR
--email EMAIL, -e EMAIL
Author's email
--year YEAR, -y YEAR copyright year
copyright holder
--license-path LICENSE_PATH, --lp LICENSE_PATH
custom license template path
--license LICENSE, -l LICENSE
license in
--url URL, -r URL url pattern for project's repo


usage: mkbin [-h] [--flags FLAGS] [--pos POS] [--opts OPTS] [--output OUTPUT]
[--boto] [--collections] [--flask] [--mysqldb] [--psycopg2]
[--requests] [--standard] [--subprocess] [--yamlcfg]

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
--flags FLAGS, -F FLAGS
name of flags
--pos POS, -P POS name of positionals
--opts OPTS, -O OPTS name of optionals
--output OUTPUT, --out OUTPUT, -o OUTPUT
output script path
--boto, -b add boto connection import statements
--collections, --coll, -c
add collections, namedtuple and defaultdict
--flask, --fl, -f add flask import and boilerplate
--mysqldb, --mysql, -m
add mysqldb import
--psycopg2, --psql, -p
add psycopg2 imports
--requests, --req, -r
add requests import statement
--standard, --std, -s
add os,sys imports
--subprocess, --sub, -S
add subprocess imports
--yamlcfg, --ycfg, -y
add yamlcfg imports


usage: bumpy [-h] [--check] [--major] [--minor] [--patch] [--set SET]
[--root-dir ROOT_DIR] [--push] [--quiet] [--dry]

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
--check, -c print current version
--major, -M bump major
--minor, -m bump minor
--patch, -p bump patch level
--set SET, -s SET set version number
--root-dir ROOT_DIR, -r ROOT_DIR
path to root directory with files with versions
--push, -P tag and push using git
--quiet, -q
--dry, -d


:0.9.3: fix MANIFEST
:0.9.2: Changed config to be solely ``~/.mkpip.cfg`` and allow you to specify values under [default] and [other], then -c other uses that.
:0.9.1: Add ``--include-paths``/``-i`` option to restrict to few files
:0.9.0: Fixed bumpy to find all ``__version__`` stuff as well when bumping
:0.8.3: Fixed .gitignore template
:0.8.2: Added stuff like ``__title__`` and ``__author__`` to the ````
:0.8.1: Deleted extra whitespace in ````
:0.8.0: - Refactored mkpip with some major improvements
- checks configs from .py, .yml and .cfg
- uses {format} notation instead of %(this)s
- added tox files for easy test generation

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