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Tools for recommendation systems development

Project description



This is an updated version of the stale ml-recsys-tools source repo

Open source repo for various tools for recommender systems development work.

Main purpose is to provide a single wrapper for various recommender packages to train, tune, evaluate and get data in and recommendations / similarities out.



  • PyPi: pip install ml-recsys-tools
  • Github master: pip install git+

Basic usage:

# dataset: download and prepare dataframes
from ml_recsys_tools.datasets.prep_movielense_data import get_and_prep_data
rating_csv_path, users_csv_path, movies_csv_path = get_and_prep_data()

# read the interactions dataframe and create a data handler object and  split to train and test
import pandas as pd

ratings_df = pd.read_csv(rating_csv_path)
from ml_recsys_tools.data_handlers.interaction_handlers_base import ObservationsDF    
obs = ObservationsDF(ratings_df, uid_col='userid', iid_col='itemid')
train_obs, test_obs = obs.split_train_test(ratio=0.2)

# train and test LightFM recommender
from ml_recsys_tools.recommenders.lightfm_recommender import LightFMRecommender    
lfm_rec = LightFMRecommender(), epochs=10)

# print summary evaluation report:
print(lfm_rec.eval_on_test_by_ranking(test_obs.df_obs, prefix='lfm ', n_rec=100))

# get all recommendations and print a sample (training interactions are filtered out by default)
recs = lfm_rec.get_recommendations(lfm_rec.all_users, n_rec=5)

# get all similarities and print a sample
simils = lfm_rec.get_similar_items(lfm_rec.all_items, n_simil=5)

Additional examples in the examples/ folder:

Recommender models and tools:

  • LightFM package based recommender.

  • Implicit package based ALS recommender.

  • Evaluation features added for most recommenders:

    • Dataframes for all inputs and outputs
      • adding external features (for LightFM hybrid mode)
      • fast batched methods for:
        • user recommendation sampling
        • similar items samplilng with different similarity measures
        • similar users sampling
        • evaluation by sampling and ranking
        • dense user x item recommendation and item x item similarity
  • Additional recommender models:

    • Similarity based:
      • cooccurence (items, users)
      • generic similarity based (can be used with external features)
  • Ensembles:

    • subdivision based (multiple recommenders each on subset of data - e.g. geographical region):
      • geo based: simple grid, equidense grid, geo clustering
      • LightFM and cooccurrence based
    • combination based - combining recommendations from multiple recommenders
    • similarity combination based - similarity based recommender on similarities from multiple recommenders
    • cascade ensemble
  • Interaction dataframe and sparse matrix handlers / builders:

    • sampling, data splitting,
    • external features matrix creation (additional item features), with feature engineering: binning / one*hot encoding (via pandas_sklearn)
    • evaluation and ranking helpers
    • handlers for observations coupled with external features and features with geo coordinates
  • Evaluation utils:

    • score reports on lightfm metrics (AUC, precision, recall, reciprocal)
    • n-DCG, and n-MRR metrics, n-precision / recall
    • references: best possible ranking and chance ranking
  • Utilities:

    • similarity calculation helpers (similarities, dot, top N, top N on sparse)
    • parallelism utils
    • sklearn transformer extenstions (for feature engineering)
    • logging, debug printouts decorators and other instrumentation and inspection tools
    • pandas utils

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