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Thin facade atop fabric

Project description


A façade atop fabric2


I have revisited Fabric (September 2018) to find it can handle multiple threads and multiple connections! This is great news: it makes all my automation faster!

Like with most APIs, I made a façade because Fabric is not congruent to my own programming conventions. This is not bad, just different: The domain I work in is slightly different than what the Fabric developers expect.

Here are the differences:

  • All stdout and strerr from the remote machine is annotated, and shunted, to the local logging module.
  • A few convenience methods are added:
    • conn.exists(path) - to test if a remote file exists
    • with conn.warn_only(): - context manager if you do not care if your commands fail
    • get(remote, local, use_sudo=False) - allows you to use tilde (~) on Windows to refer to home directory
    • put(local, remote, use_sudo=False) - similar to get, except copies files to remote
    • sudo(command) works with the cd() context manager
    • Result.__contains__() so checking for patterns in command output is simpler:
          result ="ls /data1", warn=True)
          not_found = "No` such file or directory" in result

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