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Provide handlebars templating capability to moban.

Project description


With pybars3, this library allow moban users to have handlebars template in their next documentation endeavour.

Quick start

$ moban "<p>{{firstname}} {{lastname}}</p>" --template-type handlebars -d firstname=hello lastname=world

Nested input objects

Given a data.json file with the following content

  "person": {
    "firstname": "Yehuda",
    "lastname": "Katz",
$ moban --template-type handlebars -c data.json  "{{person.firstname}} {{person.lastname}}"
Handlebars-ing <p>{{first... to moban.output
Handlebarsed 1 file.
$ cat moban.output
Yehuda Katz

For handlebars.js users, yes, the example was copied from The aim is to show off what we can do.

Let’s continue with a bit more fancy feature:

$ moban --template-type handlebars -c data.json "{{#with person}}{{firstname}} {{lastname}} {{/with}}"

Moban’s way of pybar3 usage:

Let’s save the following file a under helper_and_partial folder:

from moban_handlebars.api import Helper, register_partial

register_partial('header', '<h1>People</h1>')

def _list(this, options, items):
    result = [u'<ul>']
    for thing in items:
    return result

And given data.json reads as the following:

        {"name": "Bill", "age": 100},
        {"name": "Bob", "age": 90},
        {"name": "Mark", "age": 25}

Let’s invoke handlebar template:

$ moban --template-type hbs -pd helper_and_partial -c data.json "{{>header}}{{#list people}}{{name}} {{age}}{{/list}}"
Handlebars-ing {{>header}... to moban.output
Handlebarsed 1 file.
$ cat moban.output
<h1>People</h1><ul><li>Bill 100</li><li>Bob 90</li><li>Mark 25</li></ul>


You can install moban-handlebars via pip:

$ pip install moban-handlebars

or clone it and install it:

$ git clone
$ cd moban-handlebars
$ python install


Charlie Liu


In alphabetical order:

Change log

0.0.5 - 07.06.2020


  1. Name the moban actions when this template is used

  2. #12: provide apis for end user to use their own block helper and partials

0.0.4 - 14.10.2019


  1. #10: support moban v6.5

0.0.3 - 10.09.2019


  1. #7: support moban v4.1

  2. #9: support moban v6

0.0.2 - 22-01-2019


  1. #1: support moban v0.3.8

  2. #2: add license file

  3. #3: support moban v0.3.9

0.0.1 - 18-11-2018

First release

  1. render .hbr .handlebars files for moban

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