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mocks api function returning fake data with specified shape. Every url can have different shape, these are represented in skema format in a yaml file,

/posts/: |
        ok: Bool
        data: [
            postName: Str
            date: Str
            id: Int
/post/: |
        ok: Bool
                name: Str
                id: Int
            description: Str

The shape of the data can change based on url hostname or path. an example:

from mock_api import mock_function
from myapi import api_call

with mock_function('myapi.api_call', 'api_shape.yml', arg=0):
    data = api_call('/posts/')
    print(data) # {'ok': True, 'data': {'postName': 'sdfsdgx', 'date': 'sdfg4'}}

genrating the api shapes

You can generating the shapes calling many times the api

from mock_api import track_function
from myapi import api_call

with track_function('myapi.api_call', 'api_shape.yaml', ):

# a file api_shape.yaml is created
assert os.path.exists('api_shape)


  • change shape based on POST, GET ...
  • change shape based on parameters
  • add url parameters, like posts/:id/
  • remove Response root key maybe (but i can't use root arrays, Root: [...])
  • add possible codes, like 200, 400, then change shape based on them

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