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Mockpy is a python open source line utility to quickly create mock servers on Mac OS X.

Project description

# Mockpy

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Mockpy is a python open source line utility to quickly create mock servers on Mac OS X.
Mockpy is inspired by wiremock and uses libmproxy for the proxy functionality.

mockpy works by reading a list of configuration files in the YAML format, it uses these configurations to match the http request received and return an http response based on the matched YAML file configuration.

# Why mockpy
- You want a very lightweight utility to quickly create a mock API
- No need to edit your app code as it uses proxy mocking
- Works on top of proven technology ([mitmproxy]( and [cherrypi](
- Update to the mock API are picked up from files without the need to start/restart the server again.

# Installation

Mockpy can be installed as a python wheel using `pip` or as a standalone binary using `homebrew`

## Installing with pip

Make sure you have [pip]( installed.

Run the following to install mockpy

pip install mockpy

## Installing using brew
Install using brew tap

brew tap oarrabi/tap
brew install mockpy

# Usage

Bellow is a description of the basic operations that `mockpy` provides, for a more complete understanding please refer to [the wikis](

## Initialize a directory
Initialize a the current folder by running:

mockpy init
This will create two folders:

`inout`: this folder will contains a list of mapping YAML files, each YAML file represents an request and response operation.

`res`: resource folder contains the static HTML, JSON, Images and static files returned as part of the mocking process.

To understand the YAML file format, please refer to the documentation.

## Start the mock server
The mock server can be started as a standalone web server, or as a proxy server.

### Standalone web server
Use `mockpy start` to start the standalone web server, this will setup a server on the default port. Visit `` to check the mock server.

### Proxy web server
To start mockpy in proxy server mode use `mockpy start -x`. This command does the following:
- Starts a proxy server on ''
- Sets the macs HTTP/HTTPS settings to the created proxy server.


0.1.0 (2015-01-11)

* First release on PyPI.

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