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modified pybass

Project description

Wyliodrin's pybass folk to increase ease of installation, import, and use.

pip install modpybass


Python BASS Library with ctypes python module for BASS (

BASS is an audio library for use in Windows, Linux and MacOSX software. Its purpose is to provide the most powerful and efficient (yet easy to use), sample, stream, MOD music, and recording functions. All in a tiny DLL, under 100KB in size.

See the documentation for descriptions of all the BASS functions. You should also look at the included example program source-codes for some examples of how to use BASS in your own programs.

Win32 Requirements

BASS requires DirectX 3 or above for output. BASS does not require that a soundcard with DirectSound/DirectSound3D hardware accelerated drivers is installed, but it does improve performance if there is one. BASS also takes advantage of MMX, which improves the performance of the MOD music playback.

MacOSX Requirements

OSX 10.3 or above is recommended. BASS uses CoreAudio for output, so there are no special library/driver requirements. BASS supports both PowerPC and Intel Macs.

Main Features

  • Samples supports WAV/AIFF/MP3/MP2/MP1/OGG and custom generated samples

  • Sample streams stream any sample data in 8/16/32 bit, with both "push" and "pull" systems

  • File streams MP3/MP2/MP1/OGG/WAV/AIFF file streaming

  • Internet file streaming stream files from the internet, including Shout/Icecast

  • User file streaming stream files from anywhere using any delivery method

  • Multi-channel streaming support for more than plain stereo, including multi-channel OGG/WAV/AIFF files

  • MOD music uses the same engine as XMPlay = best accuracy, speed, and quality

  • MO3 music MP3/OGG compressed MOD music

  • Add-on system support for more formats is available via add-ons (aka plugins)

  • Multiple outputs simultaneously use multiple soundcards, and move channels between them

  • Recording flexible recording system, with support for multiple devices

  • Decode without playback streams and MOD musics can be outputted in any way you want

  • Speaker assignment assign streams and MOD musics to specific speakers

  • High precision synchronization synchronize events in your software to the streams and MOD musics

  • DirectX 8 effects chorus/compressor/distortion/echo/flanger/gargle/parameq/reverb

  • User defined DSP functions custom effects may be applied to musics and streams

  • 32 bit floating-point decoding and processing floating-point stream/music decoding, DSP, FX, and recording

  • 3D sound play samples/streams/musics in any 3D position, with EAX support

  • Small BASS is under 100KB (on Windows), so won't bloat your distribution

Using BASS

There is no guarantee that all future BASS versions will be compatible with all previous versions, so your program should use BASS_GetVersion to check the version that is loaded. This also means that you should put the BASS module in the same directory as your executable (not just somewhere in the path), to avoid the possibility of a wrong version being loaded.

If you are updating your software from a previous BASS version, then you should check the "History" section (below), to see if any of the functions that you are using have been affected by a change.

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modpybass-0.0.10.tar.gz (614.9 kB view hashes)

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