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A tool to manipulate and analyze ModSecurity audit log files.

Project description

The modseclogc is a ModSecurity audit log file manipulation and analysis tool, command-line or python module based.



$ pip install modseclogc


View a request by unique ID:

$ modseclogc --match-id VtU2o38AAQEAAEV6AuwAAAAE modsec.log
[01/Mar/2016:06:28:51 +0000] VtU2o38AAQEAAEV6AuwAAAAE 34882 80



Display request IDs that match a path glob:

$ modseclogc --match-path /path/to/resource/** --show-id modsec.log

Display the request line and the request payload (modsec audit part “C”) of each audit record:

$ modseclogc --show-request-line --show-parts C modsec.log
OPTIONS /path/to/resource HTTP/1.1
GET /path/to/resource HTTP/1.1
POST /path/to/resource HTTP/1.1

GET /path/to/resource HTTP/1.1

Generate a copy of the audit excluding the payloads (modsec audit part “C”) for a specific path glob, and compress the output:

$ zcat modsec_audit.log.gz \
  | modseclogc \
    --match-path /path/to/resource/** --hide-parts C \
    --unmatched keep \
  | gzip -9 > clean-modsec_audit.log.gz


  • By default, all input records are matched. This is modified via the --match-* and --inverse arguments.

  • By default, all unmatched records are dropped. This is modified via the --unmatched argument.

  • Output operations (show, hide, etc) only apply to matched records (note that the --inverse argument inverts the matching algorithm, not this rule).

  • The audit log must be in Native format (see the SecAuditLogFormat modsec option).

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