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Python client for ModulBank REST API

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Python client for ModulBank REST API


Install modulbank package from PyPI

pip install modulbank

Getting started

Make sure to include this lines in the beginning of your code:

from modulbank.client import ModulbankClient
import modulbank.structs as structs

Set your API Token and choose sandbox mode on or off:

client = ModulbankClient(token=MODULBANK_TOKEN, sandbox_mode=True)

Make queries:

print([str(acc) for acc in client.accounts()])
print([str(op) for op in client.operations('58c20343-5d3b-422c-b98b-a5ec037df782')])

Or send payment order:

p = structs.PaymentOrder(
    doc_num='994720', account_num='40802810670010011008', amount=Decimal(100.00), purpose='Для теста',
    payer=structs.Contractor(name='Индивидуальный предприниматель Александров Александр Александрович',
                             inn='770400372208', kpp='',
                                                    name='МОСКОВСКИЙ ФИЛИАЛ АО КБ "МОДУЛЬБАНК"',
                                                    bic='044525092', corr_acc='30101810645250000092')),
    recipient=structs.Contractor(name='МОСКОВСКИЙ ФИЛИАЛ АО КБ "МОДУЛЬБАНК"',
                                 inn='2204000595', kpp='771543001',
                                                        name='МОСКОВСКИЙ ФИЛИАЛ АО КБ "МОДУЛЬБАНК"',
                                                        bic='044525092', corr_acc='30102810675250000092')))
res = client.create_payment_draft(p)
assert len(res.errors) == 0
assert res.total_loaded == 1

Helper class for processing web-hooks

Sample usage of class NotifyRequest:

@app.route('/modulbank', methods=['POST'])
def notify():
  client = ModulbankClient(token=MODULBANK_TOKEN)

  if not request.is_json:
      return make_response(render_template('template.json'), 400)

  nr = structs.NotifyRequest(request.json)

  # Filter only needed company's operations
  if nr.inn != INN or nr.kpp != KPP:
      return make_response(render_template('template.json'), 200)

  # Check signature in `SHA1Hash` field
  if not nr.check_signature(MODULBANK_TOKEN):
      return make_response(render_template('template.json'), 403)

  # Make something with `nr`

  make_response(render_template('template.json'), 200)


  • OAuth 2 authorization.

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