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creates smooth gifs of rotating molecules

Project description


create smooth gifs of rotating molecules


Automatically rotate molecule for better view

import molgif

# load in molecule (ase.Atoms object)
molecule ='biphenyl')

# specify save path
save_path = 'biphenyl.gif'

# create rotating gif with rot_gif function
molgif.rot_gif(molecule, save_path, auto_rotate=True)

Specify color of each atom

# can be a string for one color or a list of custom colors
rainbow = ['red', 'orange', 'yellow', 'green', 'blue', 'violet'] * 4

# list much match number of atoms
rainbow = rainbow[:len(molecule)]

molgif.rot_gif(molecule, save_path, auto_rotate=True,

Use dictionary to quickly color by atom type

# default colors will be used for types not specified
molgif.rot_gif(molecule, save_path, auto_rotate=True,
               colors=dict(C='hotpink'), add_legend=True)

Anchor an atom to be at the center of rotation

# define index of atom to anchor
anchor = 3

colors = ['white'] * len(mol)
colors[anchor] = '#0892d0'

molgif.rot_gif(mol, path, auto_rotate=True,
               colors=colors, anchor=anchor)

Add a legend

molgif.rot_gif(molecule, save_path, autorotate=True,

Adjust loop time and FPS

# loop_time = time to complete one rotation (seconds)
molgif.rot_gif(molecule, save_path, auto_rotate=True,
               loop_time=2, fps=60)

Turn off bonds and scale atomic sizes

molgif.rot_gif(molecule, save_path, auto_rotate=True,
               add_bonds=False, scale=0.9)

Switch rotation axis

# switch between x, y (Default), or z
molgif.rot_gif(molecule, save_path, auto_rotate=True,

Switch rotation direction and adjust bond widths

# counterclockwise (ccw)[Default] or clockwise (cw)
# based on rot_axis
# 'x': view from left
# 'y': view from top
# 'z': view into screen
direction = 'cw'

# specify bond width in Angstrom
bond_width = 0.4

molgif.rot_gif(molecule, save_path, auto_rotate=True,
               direction=direction, bond_width=bond_width)

Visualize charges and include a colorbar

import random

# random charges [-1, 1]
chgs = [-1 + 2 * random.random() for i in molecule]


molgif.rot_gif(molecule, save_path, auto_rotate=True,


  • ase
  • matplotlib
  • ImageMagick (command line tools must be installed)

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