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Moltin Python SDK

Project description

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License: MIT

Version: 1.0


Python SDK for the Moltin eCommerce API


$ pip install moltin


Initialise the Moltin object with your client_id and client_secret, and optionally a specific API version (e.g. v1).

from moltin.moltin import Moltin

m = Moltin("YOUR_CLIENT_ID", "YOUR_CLIENT_SECRET"[, version="v1"])


To Authenticate, call the authenticate method.

access_token = m.authenticate()
# This returns an AccessToken object
# access_token.token: the token string
# access_token.has_expired(): has the token expired
# The access token is automatically passed to subsequent requests,
# so you shouldn't normally need to use the returned token
# except when persisting in a session or db

Authenticating with a username/password:

access_token, refresh_token = m.authenticate(username="your_username", password="your_password")
# refresh_token is a RefreshToken object.
# refresh_token.token: the token string
# Use this to re-authenticate without needing a user/pass

Authenticating with a refresh_token string:

access_token = m.authenticate(refresh_token="refresh_token_string")

Once authenticated, the access token is automatically passed to every request. If you need to pass in a previously stored token, use:


before making a request

Making API Calls

There’s an easy way to interact with most endpoints:

product = m.Product         # Creates a product wrapper
product.list()              # lists all products
product.create(params)      # creates a product, params passed as a dict
product.find(5)             # finds product with id = 5
product.find_by(params)     # finds a single product by params passed as a dict,
                            # e.g. {"title": "Banana"}
product.update(5, params)   # updates product with id = 5 with new params
product.remove(5)           # removes product with id = 5

The SDK also offers a way to make get, post, put and delete requests to API endpoints directly

For example:

product = m.get('products/5')  # get product with id = 5
new_product ='products', {
        "sku": "123456789",
        "title": "My first product",
        "slug": "my-first-product",
        "price": 9.99,
        "status": 1,
        "category": 2,
        "stock_level": 15,
        "stock_status": 6,
        "description": "This is my first product on Moltin",
        "requires_shipping": 0
})  # create a new product
m.put('products/5', params)  # update product with id = 5
m.delete('products/5')  # delete product with id = 5

For more examples, see the full API docs.

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