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A Python client library for

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A Python Client Library

For an overview of the Monday API, click here.


  • Python >= 3.6

Getting started

pip install monday

monday is very simple to use -- take a look at the below example:

from monday import MondayClient

monday = MondayClient('your token')

monday.items.create_item(board_id='12345678', group_id='today',  item_name='Do a thing')

Available methods:

Items Resource (monday.items)

  • create_item(board_id, group_id, item_name, column_values=None, create_labels_if_missing=False) - Create an item on a board in the given group with name item_name.

  • create_subitem(parent_item_id, subitem_name, column_values=None, create_labels_if_missing=False) - Create a subitem underneath a given parent item. Monday API will return an error if the board you're trying to add to does not have a subitems column/at least one subitem created.

  • fetch_items_by_column_value(board_id, column_id, value) - Fetch items on a board by column value.

  • fetch_items_by_id(board_id, [ids]) - Fetch items from any board by ids, passed in as an array of integers.

  • change_item_value(board_id, item_id, column_id, value) - Change column values for item on a board. Check Monday's API for which columns are supported.

  • change_multiple_column_values(board_id, item_id, column_values, create_labels_if_missing=False) - Change multiple column values for item on a board. Column values should be passed in as JSON. Check Monday's API for which columns are supported.

  • add_file_to_column(item_id, column_id, file) - Upload a file to a file type column specified by column_id. Monday limits uploads to 500MB in size.

  • move_item_to_group(item_id, group_id) - Move the item to a group within the same board.

  • archive_item_by_id(item_id) - Archive the item by item_id.

  • delete_item_by_id(item_id) - Delete the item by item_id.

Updates Resource (monday.updates)

  • create_update(item_id, update_body) - Create an update attached to a given item.

  • fetch_updates(limit, page=None) - Fetch a certain number of updates, starting from the given page. Default is 1

  • fetch_updates_for_item(board_id, item_id, limit) - Fetch all updates for a certain item on a certain board up to a certain limit, set by you. Default is 100 updates

Tags Resource (monday.tags)

  • fetch_tags(tag_ids=None) - Fetch all tags associated with an account. Optionally takes a list containing tag ids (if you know them). Returns IDs, names, and colors.

Boards Resource (monday.boards)

  • fetch_boards(**kwargs) - Fetch boards associated with an account. Returns boards and their groups, tags, and columns. Accepts keyword arguments:

    • limit - The number of boards returned (int. Default is 25).
    • page - The page number returned, should you implement pagination(int. Starts at 1).
    • ids - A list of the unique board identifier(s) (List[int]).
    • board_kind - The board's kind (BoardKind. public / private / share).
    • state - The state of the board (BoardState. all / active / archived / deleted. Default is active).
    • order_by - The order in which to retrieve your boards (BoardsOrderBy. created_at / used_at).
  • fetch_boards_by_id([board_ids]) - Since Monday does not allow querying boards by name, you can use fetch_boards to get a list of boards, and then fetch_boards_by_id to get more detailed info about the groups and columns on that board. Accepts a comma separated list of board ids.

  • fetch_columns_by_board_id([board_ids]) - Get all columns, as well as their ids, types, and settings. Accepts a comma separated list of board ids.

  • fetch_items_by_board_id([board_ids], **kwargs) - Get all items on a board(s). Accepts a comma separated list of board ids.

    • limit - The number of rows returned (int. no default).
    • page - The page number returned, should you implement pagination(int. no default).
  • create_board(board_name, board_kind, workspace_id) - Create board with the given name and kind by (and optional) workspace id.

Users Resource (monday.users)

  • fetch_users(**kwargs) - Fetch user information associated with an account. See Monday API docs for a list of accepted keyword arguments.

Workspaces Resource (monday.workspaces)

  • get_workspaces() - Get all workspaces.

  • create_workspace(name, kind, description) - Create workspace with the given name, kind and description.

  • add_users_to_workspace(workspace_id, [user_ids], kind) - Add given users of the given kind to the given workspace.

  • delete_users_from_workspace(workspace_id, [user_ids]) - Delete given users from the given workspace.

  • add_teams_to_workspace(workspace_id, [team_ids]) - Add given teams to the given workspace.

  • delete_teams_from_workspace(workspace_id, [team_ids]) - Delete given teams from the given workspace.

Groups Resource (monday.groups)

  • get_groups_by_board([board_ids]) - Get all groups associated with a certain board or boards. Accepts a single id or a comma separated list of ids.

  • get_items_by_group(board_id, group_id) - Get all items that are members of a given group.

  • create_group(board_id, group_name) - Create a group on a given board.

  • duplicate_group(board_id, group_id) - Duplicate a group and all its items on a given board.

  • archive_group(board_id, group_id) - Archive a group on a given board.

  • delete_group(board_id, group_id) - Delete a group on a given board.

Notifications Resource (monday.notifications)

  • create_notification(user_id, target_id, text, target_type) - The create_notification mutation allows to trigger a notification within the platform (will also send out an email if the recipient's email preferences are set up accordingly).

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