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Schema validator for MongoDB's JSON Schema variant

Project description


Extended JSON Schema validator for MongoDB's JSON Schema variant.


Since MongoDB 3.6, MongoDB has supported server-side validation of documents inserted into a collection by attaching a schema to that collection in an extended version of JSON Schema. It is almost the same JSON Schema draft 4, but with a few custom extensions, as well as omissions, that are of course not handled by existing JSON Schema validators such as jsonschema for Python.

This would not be a problem since we can test our schemas directly on our MongoDB server. However, anyone who's used this feature has probably found that schema validation error responses from the server can be...a little less than helpful[^1]:

> db.createCollection("test", {"validator": {"$jsonSchema": {"properties": {"count": {"bsonType": "int"}}}}})
{ "ok" : 1 }
> db.test.insert({"count": "abc"})
	"nInserted" : 0,
	"writeError" : {
		"code" : 121,
		"errmsg" : "Document failed validation"

In this case we can clearly see that the value of "count" is not an int as required by the schema. But for even moderately-sized documents with more than a handful of schema validation rules, document validation errors can be extremely tricky to track down.

This module was created to help debug validation issues in applications using non-trivial schemas to validate their MongoDB documents. It extends the Draft4Validator of jsonschema to support the metaschema and validators used by MongoDB's JSON Schema variant, in particular with support for the bsonType validator.

[^1]: This has actually been fixed quite recently as of MongoDB 4.9.0.



  • jsonschema
  • One of: pymongo or pybson

The mongo-schema package does not explicitly include a dependency for the bson package. Normally this package is installed as part of pymongo, but it is a somewhat heavy-weight dependency to add, and has a stand-alone version in the form of pybson. So it is recommended to install on or the other. Most users of this package will already be using pymongo as one of their dependencies:

$ pip install pymongo mongo-schema


$ pip install pybson mongo-schema

Note: Do not confuse this package with the mongoschema package on PyPI, which is unrelated.


Simply use mongo_schema.validate which has the same interface as jsonschema.validate. Here are some examples demonstrating bsonType validation:

>>> import mongo_schema
>>> mongo_schema.validate(123, {'bsonType': 'int'})
>>> mongo_schema.validate(123, {'bsonType': 'long'})
>>> mongo_schema.validate(2**65, {'bsonType': 'long'})
Traceback (most recent call last):
jsonschema.exceptions.ValidationError: 36893488147419103232 is not of type
>>> mongo_schema.validate(b'\x00\x11\x22', {'bsonType': 'binData'})
>>> from datetime import datetime
>>> mongo_schema.validate(, {'bsonType': 'date'})

Note that the schema itself is validated against a meta-schema which, like MongoDB, explicitly disallows certain properties such as $schema or $ref, as well as custom properties. These will result in validation errors on the schema itself:

>>> mongo_schema.validate({}, {'$ref': '#/definitions/myDef'})
Traceback (most recent call last):
jsonschema.exceptions.SchemaError: Additional properties are not allowed
('$ref' was unexpected)
>>> mongo_schema.validate({}, {'foo': 'bar'})
Traceback (most recent call last):
jsonschema.exceptions.SchemaError: Additional properties are not allowed
('foo' was unexpected)

You can also create a validator instance wrapping a specific schema using mongo_schema.MongoValidator:

>>> validator = mongo_schema.MongoValidator({'bsonType': 'objectId'})
>>> from bson import ObjectId
>>> validator.validate(ObjectId())

A typical use case for this package might be to add better error output when schema validation fails upon document insertion or update. For example:

document = {'a': 123}
except pymongo.errors.WriteError as exc:
    if exc.code == 121:
        # Get the schema for the collection
        opts = my_db.my_collection.options()
        schema = opts.get('validator').get('$jsonSchema')
        # Raise a jsonschema.ValidationError with more details
        if schema is not None:
            mongo_schema.validate(document, schema)


Here exc.code == 121 is the MongoDB error code for DocumentValidationError, though as far as I can tell this is not made available anywhere by the pymongo driver.

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