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Tiny mongodb odm, it mimics the orm of django

Project description



This project is a tiny ORM in python3 for mongodb. Each database entry is a Document and each document has Fields

Getting started

git clone
virtualenv .venv
source .venv/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt

then the in the code

import mongomodel

mongomodel.setup_database(hostname='something', database='test')
# now you can use the orm.



To create a new document model you have to make a new class from Document

import mongomodel

class User(mongomodel.Document):
	collection = 'user'
	name = mongomodel.StringField(maxlen=255)
	email = mongomodel.EmailField(maxlen=255)
	level = mongomodel.IntegerField()

then you can instanciate a new user in two ways:

user = User() = 'john doe'
user.level = 2 = ''

or with the constructor:

user = User(name='john doe', email='', level=2)

in case of an invalid model, example: = 123

an DocumentInvalidError will be raised.


To update a document you just have to perform a, it will update the document if it's already present in database.


Use document.delete()

Dynamic model creation

In some circumstancies you don't know the excat shape of a model at parsetime, so it's possible to edit a model, the new field(s) has to be an instance of Field

user.specific_information = Field(value='whatever')

Remove fields

you can delete the class attribute with


Transform to dict


Get all fields name for a document


returns a list of str

Create a document from an other

cpy = user.copy()
cpy.kind = StringField(value='artist', maxlen='20')

the copied document wil have it's own Fields

Load a document from it's ID

from bson import ObjectId

user = User.from_id(ObjectId('012345678'))

Reset all fields to default


Reload from database


Default fields

If you won't filter what kind of data can be set into a field, just use the main class Field wich is allways considered as valid.

it's possible to have default values if the field stay at a None state

import mongomodel
from datetime import datetime

class Book(mongomodel.Document):
	collection = 'book'
	name = mongomodel.Field(default=lambda: '')
	creation_date = mongomodel.Field(default=lambda:

I use function to prevent a useless call in case of no value provided.

Custom field

This is an example of a last updated field

from datetime import datetime

class LastUpdateField(mongomodel.Field):
	def get(self):

the get method will be called each time you will call the attribute in the document.

Custom field validation

class CustomField(mongomodel.Field):
	def check(self):
		# you can perform validations here.
		# self.value = the current value
		# self.get() = the value OR it's default if available

Extra fields from database

All fields that are not defined into the model/document will be available in readonly.

Create many documents at once

books: List[Book] = [

At this point all inserted (valids) book will have an _id property, In case of invalid documents, no errors will be raised but the document will be ignored.


All Document has a object attribute (created by a metaclass factory), wich is a QuerySet instance pointing on the current model

with the User example

from examples.user import User, mongomodel

# setup the database
mongomodel.setup_database('', 'test')

# get all users, the .all() will iterate over ALL results and put them in a list

# to iterate in more efficient way just iter over the `QuerySet` object
for user in User.objects:

# search for all admin user with age higher than 30 years old
# the .filter expression return a `QuerySet` object, so you can chain them
User.objects.filter(is_admin=True, age__gt=30)
# Both expressions does the same here.

# To see what a query will look like you can access to the .query parameter of
# the queryset

# will give us:
{'is_admin': {'$exists': True}}

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