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Mako template bindings for Morepath

Project description

# more.mako

`more.mako` is an extension for [Morepath]( that adds [Mako](
template support when you use the `.mako` extension.

Example usage:

from more.mako import MakoApp

class App(MakoApp):

class Person(object):
def __init__(self, name): = name

def get_template_directory():
return 'templates'

@App.html(model=Person, template='person.mako')
def person_default(self, request):
return {'name':}

and then in `person.mako` in the `templates` subdirectory:

<p>Hello {{name}}!</p>

You can also render defs from templates using the special syntax
`template#defname.mako` like the following example:

@App.html(model=Root, template='defs#hello.mako')
def hello():
return {'name': 'World'}

and then in `defs.mako`:

<%def name="hello(name)">
<p>Hello ${name}!</p>

Note that the Mako documentation uses the `.html` extension for
Mako templates, whereas this extension uses `.mako` instead.

To control Mako behavior you can define a `mako` setting section
in your app, for instance:

def get_setting_section():
return {
'default_filters': ['h'],
'format_exceptions': True

For details on Mako configuration options, consult the [Mako API


0.1.0 (2016-09-08)

- Initial public release

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