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Everything about your movies within the command line.

Project description

movielst License: MIT made-with-python PyPI version

movielst is based on moviemon , a Python application that displays information about all your movies in the command line. movielst will index movies in a selected directory, retrieve and display information like IMDb rating, release date, top casts and more. This fork is intended to update the project to latest python version, fix existing issues from the original project and add new features.


  • Export to csv and xlsx file
  • Use either OMDb(default) or TMDb API to retrieve movie information
  • Web interface
  • Edit index file from commmand line


Install latest stable with pip

pip install movielst

Install from source with pip

pip install git+git://



  • guessit - Retrieving correct movie name from files.
  • terminaltables - Printing out tables nicely.
  • tqdm - Showing a progressbar when indexing movies.
  • colorama - Coloring outputs.
  • XlsxWriter - Exporting table to excel.

Web :


  movielst PATH
  movielst [-i | -t | -g | -a | -c | -d | -y | -r | [-e type output] | -f | -I | -T | -ec | -ed]
  movielst -h | --help
  movielst --version


  -h, --help            Show this screen.
  -v, --version             Show version.
  PATH                  Path to movies dir. to index/reindex all movies.
  -i, --imdb            Sort acc. to IMDB rating.(dec)
  -t, --tomato          Sort acc. to Tomato Rotten rating.(dec)
  -g, --genre           Show movie name with its genre.
  -a, --awards          Show movie name with awards received.
  -c, --cast            Show movie name with its cast.
  -d, --director        Show movie name with its director(s).
  -y, --year            Show movie name with its release date.
  -r, --runtime         Show movie name with its runtime.
  -e type output, --export type output
                        Export list to either csv or excel
  -f, --force           Force indexing
  -I, --imdb-rev        Sort acc. to IMDB rating.(inc)
  -T, --tomato-rev      Sort acc. to Tomato Rotten rating.(inc)
  -ec, --edit-config    Open the configuration file in the default editor
  -ed, --edit-index     Edit the index file


iCHAIT - Original developer


Found a bug or want to suggest a new feature? Report it by opening an issue. Feel free to send a pull request for any improvements or feature requests ;)


movielst is released under the MIT License.

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