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Tools for Matplotlib

Project description

As the name implies, mpltools provides tools for working with matplotlib. For the most part, these tools are only loosely-connected in functionality, so the best way to get started is to look at the example gallery.


This package got its start by implementing plotting “styles”—essentially stylesheets that are similar to matplotlibrc files. Unfortunately, the syntax for an mplstyle file is slightly different than matplotlibrc files because we use ConfigObj to parse them.

Style names should be specified as sections in a “mplstyle” file. A simple mplstyle file would look like:


text.fontsize = 12
figure.dpi = 150


text.fontsize = 10 = 'serif'

mpltools searches the current working directory and your home directory for mplstyle files. To use a style, you just add:

>>> from mpltools import style
>>> style.use('style1')

There are a number of pre-defined styles located in mpltools/style/. To list all available styles, use:

>>> print style.available


For more details about use and installation, see the mpltools documentation. If you’re short on time, just check out the Getting Started section or the example gallery.


Installation from source

mpltools may be installed globally using:

$ git clone
$ cd mpltools
$ python install

or locally using:

$ python install --prefix=${HOME}

If you prefer, you can use it without installing, by simply adding this path to your PYTHONPATH variable and compiling the extensions:

$ python build_ext -i


New BSD (a.k.a. Modified BSD). See LICENSE in this directory for details.

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