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Publish a MediaPlayer2 MPRIS device to D-BUS.

Project description

▶️ Add MPRIS Integration to Media Players

mpris_server provides an adapter and event-listener for your app to integrate MPRIS media control support into your media player.

Whereas existing MPRIS libraries for Python implement clients for MPRIS, mpris_server serves more as a "server" to supply MPRIS with information from, and control of, your media player. If you're looking to interact with applications that have MPRIS integration, use a client library. If you want to give your media player an MPRIS interface, use this library.

mpris_server is a fork of Mopidy-MPRIS that provides a general library for any media player to add MPRIS support.

Checkout chromecast_mpris for an app that uses this library.


Implements the following from the MPRIS specification:

  • MediaPlayer2
  • MediaPlayer2.Player
  • MediaPlayer2.Playlist

The library also provides an event-listener that emits org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties.PropertiesChanged in response to changes in your media player. This allows for real-time updates from your media player to DBus.


Run pip3 install -r requirements.txt, followed by python3 install.


  • Linux
  • DBus
  • Python >= 3.6
  • python3-gi (Python GObject introspection)
  • requirements.txt


Implement adapters.MprisAdapter

Subclass adapters.MprisAdapter and implement each method.

After subclassing, pass an instance to an instance of server.Server.

Implement adapters.EventAdapter

Subclass adapters.EventAdapter. This interface has a good default implementation, only override its methods if your app calls for it.

If you choose to reimplement its methods, call emit_changes() with a List[str] of properties that changed.

Integrate the adapter with your application to listen for changes in your media player that DBus needs to know about. For example, if the user pauses the media player, be sure to call EventAdapter.on_playpause() in the app. DBus won't know about the change otherwise.

Create the Server and Publish

Create an instance of server.Server, pass it an instance of your MprisAdapter, and call publish() to publish your media player via DBus.

mpris = Server('MyMedia', adapter=my_adapter)

Call loop() to enter the DBus event loop.



from mpris_server.adapters import MprisAdapter, EventAdapter, Track
from mpris_server.server import Server

from my_app import app  # custom app you want to integrate

class MyMediaAdapter(MprisAdapter):
    # Make sure to implement all methods on MprisAdapter, not just get_current_track()
    def get_current_track(self) -> Track:
    # and so on

class MyAppEventHandler(EventAdapter):
    # EventAdapter has good default implementations for its methods.
    # Only override the default implementation if it suits your app.

# create mpris adapter and initialize mpris server
my_adapter = MyMediaAdapter()
mpris = Server('MyMedia', adapter=my_adapter)

# initialize app integration with mpris
event_handler = MyAppEventHandler()

# publish and serve


See LICENSE. Message me if you'd like to use this project with a different license.

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