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Convenient matplotlib subplot grids

Project description

A convenient way to lay out matplotlib figures The first argument is a multiline string which diagrammatically describes the desired layout of your plot

@return (figure, mpt)

e.g., a simple single plot looks like grid1 = ‘’’ A ‘’’

If you want complicated grid layouts, you can do that as well

grid2 = ‘’’ AA AA BB CC CC ‘’’

grid3 = ‘’’ AAABB CCCBB ‘’’

Make sure that your subfigures have a rectangular shape e.g. ‘’’ AA BB A’’’ Will not work at all.

multiplot takes care of creating the layout using matplotlib’s gridspec You can access each individual subplot by dictionary key access. The figure is exposed as well

fig, mpt = multiplot(grid3) mpt[“A”].plot(…) mpt[“B”].set_title(…)

Any arguments you want to pass to plt.figure, you can pass to multiplot right after the grid eg fig, mpt = multiplot(grid3, figsize=(10, 10), …)

Easily layout complicated grids Easily change its layout Complete access to axes and figure

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