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Project description

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a garden/ plant watering app for mpy-modcore

What's new ?

Check CHANGELOG for latest ongoing, or upcoming news

Development status

Alpha state. The API or logical call flow might change without prior notice.

In case your code breaks between two versions check CHANGELOG information first before creating a ticket / issue on github. thanks.

Hardware, plumbing installation pictures and videos

refer docs on GitHub-Pages

Required related project(s)

mpymodcore_watering requires mpy-modcore in order to run


assuming your repo structure as following

  • ~/repo/mpymodcore
  • ~/repo/mpymodcore_watering

install mpy-modcore first (see installation notes there)

install to the mpymodcore_watering (project) folder

python3 -m pip install mpymodcore-watering --no-compile --target .
# dont forget the "." at the end

create a symbolic link in ~/repo/mpymodcore/modapp

ln -sr ~/repo/mpymodcore_watering/modapp/watering watering

enable wlan on your esp32 board (with wlan.cfg file on the board) since the web application loads external content from CDNs such as bootstrap, fontawesome, vuejs, jquery, ... etc

in module modapp.watering there is a minimal script.

deploy the source files to the target board using e.g. thonny, mpycntrl, mpfshell, rshell, ...

Basis Configuration

the default port/pin mapping is in /modapp/watering/etc/valves.template.json.txt. this is used as template if on the board the file /etc/watering/valves.json.txt is not found. make sure that the target board supports the defined pins.

the boot-button (gpio 0) is configured to send a break event to enter repl securely after pressing. with calling loop() the stopped process can be continued. check if the target board is configured like that.

the on-board led (gpio 21) will toggle every 5 sec as live ping. check if the target board is configured like that.

the flow sensor is configured to accept IRQ from gpio35.

URL - read properly

access the application with http://your-device-ip/static/watering/ (important: trailing '/' in url above loads '/index.html' under given route path)


mpymodcore_watering is published as dual licensed. read properly.

other Licenses

Component Homepage License
mpymodcore dual licensed
fontawesome MIT
bootstrap MIT
jQuery MIT
Popper MIT
vuejs MIT

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mpymodcore_watering-0.0.13.tar.gz (37.6 kB view hashes)

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