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Library that allows logging into Microsoft accounts via requests

Project description


ms-session is a tiny Python library that provides a way to log in to your Microsoft account programatically in a requests Session. It is widely unknown why you would ever want to use this, but that's for you to determine. I just make the library.


The usage is incredibly simple and straightforward. Just create a new MSSession object and pass it your creds.

from ms_session import MSSession

session = MSSession("", "password")

The returned object is a subclass of requests.Session and has you logged in to your Microsoft account.

"" in session.get("")  # True

Known issues

  • Rarely (it seems to occur for Microsoft accounts that have not been logged into for a very long time), a required key may be missing from an API response that is required to be passed to the next. This will prevent you from logging in using ms-session. There may be a way further traverse the chain of requests needed to log in, but I have found that logging in to that account manually once seems to get it back in shape to be used with ms-session. If you figure anything out about combatting this, feel free to submit a PR
  • Accounts protected by two-factor auth are not supported, and I have no plans to do so ever

Special thanks

A huge thank you to @Terrance and his SkPy library. He and his library were able to point me in the correct direction for understadning how tricky values such as t work.

The Chromium Dev Tools are your best friend when it comes to reversing services. Do not sleep on them.

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