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# msg

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msg is a simple, but powerful RESTful [service-oriented architecture (SOA)]( messaging library.

msg focuses on the overlapping core features of any messaging system, so you can skip to implementing the cool parts. You can use msg to build live chat/instant messenger, a forum, a Twitter clone, a blog, etc.

msg runs in Python 2 and 3. msg can be configured to use any database supported by SQLAlchemy.

The beauty in this project is that its focus/scope is tiny, the barebones of any messaging system, which we perfect for you.

For the REST API, setup instructions, deployment instructions, and more, please read [The Official msg Wiki](!

## Generic setup

  1. install and launch redis server

  2. Edit msg/ or override

  3. pip install -r requirements/base.txt

  4. gunicorn msg.msg:app –worker-class gevent –bind localhost:5000

If you’re using a non-default database:

python -c “import msg.msg; msg.msg.init_db()”

## Test it out

For the demo to work you need to install the Allow-Control-Allow-Origin: * plugin for Firefox, Chrome, whatever.

  1. cd examples

  2. python

  3. Checkout http://localhost:8080/ and http://localhost:8080/stream

If you’re using httpie (sudo apt install httpie) here are some example commands:

  1. Create a user: http POST localhost:5000/user username=kitten password=yarn

  2. Create a message: http POST localhost:5000/message text=”i love kittens” –auth kitten:yarn

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