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An M$ Project XML to Plone 'eXtreme Management' importer.

Project description


An M$ Project (or better: Merlin) to Plone “eXtreme Management” importer.

This is a standalone script which uses wsapi4plone to create content in Plone.


Just install the egg – but be sure thet lxml can be properly installed.


Usage: msp2plone [options]

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -u URL, --url=URL     The URL to the Plone site.
                        The file name to the MS Project XML file
  -p PATH, --path=PATH  The root path to the container to create the XM
                        project in.
  -m MODE, --mode=MODE  Either 'merlin' or 'ms project'

URL Format

The URL format is as follows:


For example:



In the default mode (“ms project”), every top-level node of the MS Project file will become a Project, nodes below that will become Iterations and Stories, respectively.

If the Note text of a Story-Level node matches, Tasks will be created. For this to work, the keyword “task: “ must be there, as follows:

This is a sample Story text.

Some additional Text.

task: Frobnicate Whizbangs
task: Kaboodle Whizbangs # 17 # alfred,josef
task: Management Meeting # 8 # catbert

A story with the above text will get three tasks:

  • task 1: Frobnicate Whizbangs, no estimate, assigned to nobody

  • task 2: Kaboodle Whizbangs, estimate 17 hours, assigned to alfred and josef

  • task 3: Management Meeting, estimate 8 hours, assigned to catbert


None yet, sorry.


0.9b 2010-02-03

  • initial release

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