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Project Mu distributed dependency management, build, test, and tool environments.

Project description

build_status_windows Current build status for master on Windows

build_status_linux Current build status for master on Linux


Entry point into Self Describing Environment (SDE). Sets up and parses state of workspace before calling into build. Please see Project Mu for details

Version History


Main Changes:

  • None

Bug Fixes:

  • Allow remotes to be renamed in Omnicache config files


Main Changes:

  • Added support to GitDependencies to allow server builds to supply different credentials if the extdep already allowed for it.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed ShellEnvironment checkpointing of shell_vars. Vars created after a checkpoint were not being destroyed when restoring the checkpoint.


Bug Fixes:

  • Fix broken download/publish of nuget.exe in 0.3.12 due to wheel usage.



This release is broken and has been deleted.

Main Changes:

  • Embedded NuGet.exe into the egg and it can now be located via GetNugetCmd in MuEnvironment.bin.Nuget
  • Moved NugetPublishing over from Basecore

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixing string parsing for internal_path in WebDependency


Main Changes:

  • Add GitDependency. GitDependency adds ExternalDependency type git, which resolves a git repo and a known commit. This can be used for tracking git dependencies instead of submodules.
  • Add GitDependency unit tests
  • Add more documentation for ext_deps


Main Changes:

  • Add documentation for Plugin Manager and External Dependency
  • Adding WebDependency (with documentation and tests). WebDependency adds ExternalDependency type web, which resolves a file at a given URL, checks it against a known sha256 hash, and unpacks it into the name_ext_dep folder.


Main Changes:

  • Errors and warnings from the compiler are now intermingled and displayed in the order that they are emitted.
  • Add a workaround for incremental build break in Mu release/201903. Pinning PYTHONHASHSEED prevents unordered set() and dict() structures from changing build-to-build.


Main Changes:

  • Added print out of start time and end time in addition to elapsed time of build
  • Add support for cmd line override of max build threads in
  • Added support for getting multiple DSC’s in the same folder for MuBuildPlugins in PluginManager
  • Setting PYTHON_COMMAND during setup for EDKII 201903 support


Main Changes:

  • Add an optional named parameter in CommonBuildEntry to allow caller to pass the module name that will be loaded to find the PlatformBuilder. This gives more flexibility to the caller and also allows single-file builders.
  • Update VarDict.GetValue() to take a ‘default’ named parameter (similar to dict.get()). This default will be returned if the key is not in the VarDict.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where log handlers were added to the logger multiple times in some scenarios


Main Changes:

  • Documentation added for Omnicache tool
  • Completed isolation of ShellEnviornment as a functional singleton. This allows for behaviors like updating PATHs programatically during setup while maintaining APIs like GetBuildVars().
    • Add replace_path_element and replace_pypath_element, which will find an element on the PATH/PYPATH, replace it with a different element, and publish the newly modified path
    • Add remove_pypath_element and remove_path_element, which will find an element on the PATH/PYPATH, remove it, and publish the newly modified path
  • Added “host_specific” flag to allow ext_deps to have different tool versions for different OS’s, architectures, and bit sizes. For more information about how the selection process is made, refer [here](

Bug Fixes:

  • Git submodules are now initialized correctly when using a reference. It was failing silently previously.
  • Logging output is now handled correct (handlers were being created incorrectly and extra output was going to the console)


Main changes:

  • In ConfMgmt, change FindWithVsWhere() to a static method.
  • PYTHON_HOME environment variable will automatically be set to the dir path of the Python (sys.executable).

Bug fixes:

  • Removing Git submodule VersionAggregation, as this information is contained in the Git commit history. Removing this step cuts several seconds from the beginning of the build.
  • You can’t have a reference path when doing a clone and saying –recurse-submodules. While it makes zero sense, git throws an error. The retry should be catching this once it goes through as it will try to reclone without the reference path. This does it correctly the first time.


Main changes:

  • N/A

Bug fixes:

  • Fix for incorrectly using the omnicache even when it wasn’t specified. This would cause problems in a server or shallow cloned environment


Main changes:

  • Omnicache is a single cache database as a –reference for git repo initialization. See for more information.
  • Based on TOOL_CHAIN_TAG, ConfMgmt will attempt to locate a .vs or .gcc conf file before loading the .ms conf file.
  • In ConfMgmt __init__, we will now throw an error if WORKSPACE or EDK2_BASE_TOOLS_DIR is not populated yet.
  • Significant restructure of MuLogging API surface. Now using named loggers rather than root logger so pieces can be filtered using MuFilter. More info in

Bug fixes:

  • Linted code base, enforcing a 120 character per line limit.
  • Added /.eggs to .gitignore. This directory is only generated when using a local installation of a pip module.


Enabled IntermediateArgParser in CommonBuildEntry, which only scrapes the expected arguments from argparser and stores the rest back in sys.argv to be used later.


  • Check submodule.head for type None before reporting it.
  • Removing –name-only from the _get_submodule_list function and retrieving the path instead.


Updated documentation and release process. Transition to Beta.

< 0.3.0

Alpha development

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