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MUon Data file reader

Project description

Package Overview

MUon (MUD) Data file reader package.


Dependencies needed pre-install:

  • python development version: sudo apt-get install python3-dev (on Ubuntu, for example)
  • Cython: pip3 install Cython
  • numpy: pip3 install numpy


  • Install using pip: pip3 install mud-py

Note that the import statement after install is import mudpy


  • mdata [object]: access general MUD files, provides special containers
  • mud_friendly [C wrapper]: python access to MUD C functions


mud-data object. The mdata object is a data container designed for easy reading of any MUD file, regardless of experiment type or mesurement method.

Object Map



Example: mud = mdata('filename.msr')

Misc Features


Representation has been nicely formatted so that typing the object name into the interpreter produces nice output.


mvar, mscaler, and mhist objects allow for arithmatic or logic operators to be used, where the value used in the operation is the mean, count, or data array respectively.

Example: mud.ivar['BNMR:HVBIAS:POS:RDVOL'] + 1 is equivalent to mud.ivar['BNMR:HVBIAS:POS:RDVOL'].mean + 1

Special Rules For Attributes

If an attribute is not found in mdata, it will look for the attribute in the bdict objects in the order: hist, ivar. This second-level attribute search is much slower than regular access.

mdict objects all allow assignment and fetching of dictionary keys as if they were attributes. Note that one can replace + with p, and - with m to allow fetching of histograms.

Example: mud.hist.Bp, mud.hist['B+'], mud.Bp all have the exact same output, with the last being much slower than the others.


Wrap the mud_friendly.c functions using Cython. Gives low-level access to mud files.


File IO

Cython Function (python-accessible) C Function (wrapped)
open_read(file_name) int MUD_openRead(char* file_name, unsigned int* pType)
close_read(file_handle) void MUD_closeRead(int file_handle)


Cython Function (python-accessible) C Function (wrapped)
get_description(file_handle) int MUD_getRunDesc(int fh, unsigned int* pType)
get_exp_number(file_handle) int MUD_getExptNumber(int fh, unsigned int* pExpNumber)
get_run_number(file_handle) int MUD_getRunNumber(int fh, unsigned int* pRunNumber)
get_elapsed_seconds(file_handle) int MUD_getElapsedSec(int fh, unsigned int* pElapsedSec)
get_start_time(file_handle) int MUD_getTimeBegin(int fh, unsigned int* pTimeBegin)
get_end_time(file_handle) int MUD_getTimeEnd(int fh, unsigned int* pTimeEnd)
get_title(file_handle) int MUD_getTitle(int fh, char* string, int strdim)
get_lab(file_handle) int MUD_getLab(int fh, char* string, int strdim)
get_area(file_handle) int MUD_getArea(int fh, char* string, int strdim)
get_method(file_handle) int MUD_getMethod(int fh, char* string, int strdim)
get_apparatus(file_handle) int MUD_getApparatus(int fh, char* string, int strdim)
get_insert(file_handle) int MUD_getInsert(int fh, char* string, int strdim)
get_sample(file_handle) int MUD_getSample(int fh, char* string, int strdim)
get_orientation(file_handle) int MUD_getOrient(int fh, char* string, int strdim)
get_das(file_handle) int MUD_getDas(int fh, char* string, int strdim)
get_experimenter(file_handle) int MUD_getExperimenter(int fh, char* string, int strdim)
get_temperature(file_handle) int MUD_getTemperature(int fh, char* string, int strdim )
get_field(file_handle) int MUD_getField(int fh, char* string, int strdim )


Cython Function (python-accessible) C Function (wrapped)
get_comments(file_handle) int MUD_getComments(int fh, unsigned int* pType, unsigned int* number_of_comments)
get_comment_prev(file_handle,comment_id_number) int MUD_getCommentPrev(int fh, int num, unsigned int* pPrev )
get_comment_next(file_handle,comment_id_number) int MUD_getCommentNext(int fh, int num, unsigned int* pNext )
get_comment_time(file_handle,comment_id_number) int MUD_getCommentTime(int fh, int num, unsigned int* pTime )
get_comment_author(file_handle,comment_id_number) int MUD_getCommentAuthor(int fh, int num, char* author, int strdim )
get_comment_title(file_handle,comment_id_number) int MUD_getCommentTitle(int fh, int num, char* title, int strdim )
get_comment_body(file_handle,comment_id_number) int MUD_getCommentBody(int fh, int num, char* body, int strdim )


Cython Function (python-accessible) C Function (wrapped)
get_hists(file_handle) int MUD_getHists( int fh, unsigned int* pType, unsigned int* pNum )
get_hist_type(file_handle,hist_id_number) int MUD_getHistType( int fh, int num, unsigned int* pType )
get_hist_n_bytes(file_handle,hist_id_number) int MUD_getHistNumBytes( int fh, int num, unsigned int* pNumBytes )
get_hist_n_bins(file_handle,hist_id_number) int MUD_getHistNumBins( int fh, int num, unsigned int* pNumBins )
get_hist_bytes_per_bin(file_handle,hist_id_number) int MUD_getHistBytesPerBin( int fh, int num, unsigned int* pBytesPerBin )
get_hist_fs_per_bin(file_handle,hist_id_number) int MUD_getHistFsPerBin( int fh, int num, unsigned int* pFsPerBin )
get_hist_t0_ps(file_handle,hist_id_number) int MUD_getHistT0_Ps( int fh, int num, unsigned int* pT0_ps )
get_hist_t0_bin(file_handle,hist_id_number) int MUD_getHistT0_Bin( int fh, int num, unsigned int* pT0_bin )
get_hist_good_bin1(file_handle,hist_id_number) int MUD_getHistGoodBin1( int fh, int num, unsigned int* pGoodBin1 )
get_hist_good_bin2(file_handle,hist_id_number) int MUD_getHistGoodBin2( int fh, int num, unsigned int* pGoodBin2 )
get_hist_background1(file_handle,hist_id_number) int MUD_getHistBkgd1( int fh, int num, unsigned int* pBkgd1 )
get_hist_background2(file_handle,hist_id_number) int MUD_getHistBkgd2( int fh, int num, unsigned int* pBkgd2 )
get_hist_n_events(file_handle,hist_id_number) int MUD_getHistNumEvents( int fh, int num, unsigned int* pNumEvents )
get_hist_title(file_handle,hist_id_number) int MUD_getHistTitle( int fh, int num, char* title, int strdim )
get_hist_sec_per_bin(file_handle,hist_id_number) int MUD_getHistSecondsPerBin( int fh, int num, double* pSecondsPerBin )
get_hist_data(file_handle,hist_id_number) int MUD_getHistData( int fh, int num, void* pData )
get_hist_data_pointer(file_handle,hist_id_number) int MUD_getHistpData( int fh, int num, void** ppData )


Cython Function (python-accessible) C Function (wrapped)
get_scalers(file_handle) int MUD_getScalers( int fh, unsigned int* pType, unsigned int* pNum )
get_scaler_label(file_handle,scalar_id_number) int MUD_getScalerLabel( int fh, int num, char* label, int strdim )
get_scaler_counts(file_handle,scalar_id_number) int MUD_getScalerCounts( int fh, int num, unsigned int* pCounts )

Independent Variables

Cython Function (python-accessible) C Function (wrapped)
get_ivars(file_handle) int MUD_getIndVars(int fh, unsigned int* pType, unsigned int* number_of_variables)
get_ivar_low(file_handle,variable_id_number) int MUD_getIndVarLow( int fh, int num, double* pLow )
get_ivar_high(file_handle,variable_id_number) int MUD_getIndVarHigh( int fh, int num, double* pHigh )
get_ivar_mean(file_handle,variable_id_number) int MUD_getIndVarMean( int fh, int num, double* pMean )
get_ivar_std(file_handle,variable_id_number) int MUD_getIndVarStddev( int fh, int num, double* pStddev )
get_ivar_skewness(file_handle,variable_id_number) int MUD_getIndVarSkewness( int fh, int num, double* pSkewness )
get_ivar_name(file_handle,variable_id_number) int MUD_getIndVarName( int fh, int num, char* name, int strdim )
get_ivar_description(file_handle,variable_id_number) int MUD_getIndVarDescription( int fh, int num, char* description,int strdim)
get_ivar_units(file_handle,variable_id_number) int MUD_getIndVarUnits( int fh, int num, char* units, int strdim )

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