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Library for automation updates on multiple repositories.

Project description

Multi repo automation


To be able to apply your changes on multiple repository you should create a file with something like this:

- dir: /home/user/src/my-repo
  name: user/my-repo
  types: ['javascript', 'python', 'docker']
  master_branch: master
  stabilization_branches: [1.0, 1.1]
  folders_to_clean: []

The main configuration is a YAML file ~/.config/multi-repo-automation.yaml with the following options:

repos_filename: the filename of the files with the repositories definitions create above, default is repos.yaml. browser: the browser to use to open the pull requests, default is xdg-open. editor: the editor to use to edit files, default is xdg-open.

Migration script base

#!/usr/bin/env python3

import multi_repo_automation as mra

def _do() -> None:
    # Your actions

if __name__ == "__main__":
        # pull_request_on_stabilization_branches: To apply the action on all stabilization (including master) branches.
        # pull_request_title: The pull request title.
        # pull_request_body: The pull request body.
        # branch: The created branch branch name.
        # pull_request_branch_prefix: The created branch prefix (used when we run it on all the stabilization branches).

Use the --help option to see the available options.


import multi_repo_automation as mra

# Test if a file exists
if["git", "ls-files", "**/*.txt"], stdout=subprocess.PIPE).stdout.strip() != "":
# Get all YAML files:
# Test if a file exists and contains a text
if mra.git_grep(file, r"\<text\>"]):
# Edit a files manually

Edit file programmatically

   with mra.Edit('my-file.txt') as edit:
      edit.content = edit.content.replace('<from>', '<to>')

Edit YAML file programmatically

   with mra.EditYAML('my-file.yaml') as edit:
      edit.setdefault('dict', {})['prop'] = 'value'

Edit TOML file programmatically

   with mra.EditTOML('my-file.toml') as edit:
      edit.setdefault('dict', {})['prop'] = 'value'

Edit Config file programmatically

   with mra.EditConfigL('my-file.ini') as edit:
      edit.setdefault('dict', {})['prop'] = 'value'


Install the pre-commit hooks:

pip install pre-commit
pre-commit install --allow-missing-config

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