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Handle django-popolo data from multiple separate sources

Project description

This package provides a PopoloSource Django model to represent a URL from which you can fetch Popolo JSON data. It allows you to import data from multiple such sources into django-popolo models while maintaining an association with the source they came from, and making sure that a change in one source doesn’t affect the models from any other.

In addition, this package allows you to track objects that have been deleted from a source; they are marked as having disappeared, but the django-popolo models are not deleted. If they reappear with the same ID in the Popolo JSON source, the disappeared flag (deleted_from_source) will be set back to False.

It is only the objects that are listed at the top level of a Popolo JSON file that are tracked by the code in this package. That includes:

  • Area

  • Membership

  • Organization

  • Person

  • Post

But does not include, for example, ContactDetail.


To create a new PopoloSource you can do:

from popolo_sources.models import PopoloSource

ps = PopoloSource(url='')

To then create django-popolo models (Person, Organization, etc.) based on the Popolo JSON at that URL, you can now do:


You can run .update_from_source() again to update the models based on any changes in the Popolo JSON source.

The model that represents the join table linking PopoloSource models with django-popolo models is popolo_sources.models.LinkToPopoloSource. This model has the deleted_from_source attributed, so you can find all non-deleted top-level django-popolo with code like:

for ltps in LinkToPopoloSource.filter(deleted_from_source=False):
    print ltps.popolo_object


To run the tests you can do:

pip install -e .[test]

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