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Backport of the multiprocessing package to Python 2.4 and 2.5

Project description



`multiprocessing` is a back port of the Python 2.6/3.0 `multiprocessing <>`_
package. The multiprocessing package itself is a renamed and updated version of
R Oudkerk's `pyprocessing <>`_ package.
This standalone variant is intended to be compatible with Python 2.4 and 2.5,
and will draw it's fixes/improvements from python-trunk.

This package would not be possible if not for the contributions of not only
the current maintainers but all of the contributors to the original pyprocessing
package listed `here <>`_

The multiprocessing package monkey patches several aspects of the `threading`
module to make it forward compatible with Python 2.6. The patches are
non-intrusive and don't change existing functions. See `multiprocessing.patch`
for detailed informations.

Please refer to `<>`_
for more information about the `multiprocessing` package.

Bug reporting

Please report bugs related to multiprocessing at the `Python bug
tracker <>`_. Issues related to the packaging of
multiprocessing should be reported at `<>`_.

=========== -- 2009-07-30

* Issues #5155, 5313, 5331: multiprocessing.Process._bootstrap was
unconditionally calling "os.close(sys.stdin.fileno())" resulting in file
descriptor errors

* Issue #5400: Added patch for multiprocessing on netbsd compilation/support

* Fix and properly document the multiprocessing module's logging
support, expose the internal levels and provide proper usage

* Issue #5261: Patch multiprocessing's semaphore.c to support context
manager use: "with multiprocessing.Lock()" works now.

* Issue #3321: _multiprocessing.Connection() doesn't check handle; added checks
for *nix machines for negative handles and large int handles. Without this
check it is possible to segfault the interpreter.

* Issue #4301: Patch the logging module to add processName support, remove
_check_logger_class from multiprocessing. -- 2009-02-07

* Fixed an issue with `make doc`

* mp docs - fix issues 4012,3518,4193 (Python svn: r67419)

* issue4238: bsd support for cpu_count (Python svn: r67423)

* Move definition int sval into branch of ifdef where it is used.
Otherwise, you get a warning about an undefined variable.
(Python svn: r67440)

* Fixed a segfault in connection_recvbytes_into() which occured
with Python debug builds on 64bit Linux.

* Added reference to `Issue 1683`_.

* issue 4301: patch logging to add processName, remove the old
_check_logger_class code (Python svn: r68737)

* Resolve issue 3321: (segfault) _multiprocessing.Connection()
doesn't check handle (Python svn: r68768)

* Documentation update -- 2008-11-27

The release is based on 2.6.0+ and contains additional fixes
from Python svn.

* Issue #5: Added monkey patch to make the threading module forward
compatible with Python 2.6 and 3.0.

* Python Issue #4204: Fixed a compilation issue on FreeBSD 4.

* Removed ``install`` target from Makefile.

* Updated comments of Modules/mmapmodules.c. The modifications
and origin are clearly marked now.

* Added sphinx builder for docs and new make target ``docs``.

* Changed version schema to Python.version.number.internal_revision

* Pulled doc fixes from Python svn: r67189, r67330, r67332

2.6.0-0.1 -- 2008-10-27

The release is based on Python 2.6.0.

* Initial release

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