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Durable messaging for distributed processing

Project description

muppet is Python implementation of mutual. muppet provides RemoteChannel for simple messaging across process or machine boundaries and DurableChannel for durable messaging across process or machine boundaries. Both RemoteChannel and DurableChannel use Redis for message store.

Remote Channel

Remote Channel follows a pub-sub model where every message sent on a channel is broadcast to all the subscribers listening on the channel.


from muppet import RemoteChannel

# define the callback to receive messages
def callback(message):
  print("received:", message)
  # we are done with the receiver

# redis server details
redis_options = {"redis": {"host": "", "port": 6379}}
# create a remote channel to send messages
sender = RemoteChannel("greeting", redis_options)
# create a remote channel to receive messages
receiver = RemoteChannel("greeting", redis_options)
# listen for messages by passing the callback
# send a message
# we are done with the sender

Durable Channel

Durable Channel follows a queue model, where a message sent on a channel is picked up by any one of the receivers listening on the channel. Using DurableChannel, senders can send messages with a timeout, so they are informed when a message is not replied to within the specified timeout. Every message is guaranteed to be replied to within a specified timeout, if not, sender is informed via a callback.


from muppet import DurableChannel

def timeout_callback(message):
  print "timed out:", message
  # we are done with the worker
  # we are done with dispatcher

# redis server details
redis_options = {"redis": {"host": "", "port": 6379}}
# create a durable channel to dispatch messages
dispatcher = DurableChannel("dispatcher.1", redis_options)
# create a durable channel to receive messages, note the 3rd argument which is the callback for handling timeouts
worker = DurableChannel("worker.1", redis_options, timeout_callback)

# dispatch a message to worker.1
dispatcher.send(content="task", to="worker.1")

# receive the message
message = worker.receive()
print "received message:", message["content"]
# reply to the message
worker.reply(message=message, response="reply", timeout=5000)

# receive the reply
reply = dispatcher.receive()
print "received reply:", reply["content"]

# we are happy with the reply

# we are done with dispatcher and worker

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