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Encapsulate your business logic in command classes.

Project description



Compose your business logic into commands that sanitize and validate input.


$ pip install mutations

How it Works:

  1. Subclass mutations.Mutation
  2. Define your inputs.
  3. Define an execute method in your command.
  4. Run it, like this:'bar')

To learn more, see this blog post.


import mutations

class UserSignup(mutations.Mutation):
    """Define the inputs to your mutation here. """
    email = mutations.fields.CharField(required=True)
    full_name = mutations.fields.CharField(required=True)
    send_welcome_email = mutations.fields.Boolean(required=False, default=True)

    def validate_email_address(self):
        """Custom validation for a field.

        If you encounter any validation errors and want to raise, you should
        raise mutation.ValidationError or some sublcass thereof. Otherwise, it
        assumes there were no problems.

        Any function beginning with `validate_` is assumed to be a validator
        function and will be run before the mutation can execute.
        if not
            raise mutations.ValidationError("email_not_valid", "Email is not valid.")

    def execute(self):
        """Executes the mutation.

        This method does the heavy lifting. You can call it by calling .run() on
        your mutation class.
        user = User.objects.create(, name=self.full_name)
        if self.send_welcome_email:
            EmailServer.deliver(recipient =
        return user

Calling Commands

>>> result =, full_name="Bob Boblob")
>>> result.success
>>> result.return_value
<User id=...>
>>> result.errors

result = ...
>>> result =
>>> result.success
>>> result.errors
  'email': ['email_not_valid']
>>> result.value


$ make tests


This project uses Semantic Versioning.


Thanks to Cypriss for the excellent Ruby Mutations Gem. I created this library because I was looking for something similar for Python.

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