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MediaWiki API for Python 3

Project description

mwng (MediaWiki API NG) is a MediaWiki API library for Python 3.

MediaWiki API

We will use mw to call mwng in this document. import mwng as mw!

API = mw.API(api_php,[session])

Create an mw.API instance.

  • api_php: URL to the api.php, usually at $SITEROOT/w/api.php.
  • session: a requests.Session(), either supplied or create a new one by the library.


Login via botpassword.

  • username: the username supplied by Special:Botpasswords
  • botpassword: the passowrd supplied by Special:Botpasswords As of MediaWiki 1.27, using the main account for login is not supported. Obtain credentials via Special:BotPasswords or use clientlogin method. We have no plan to introduce clientlogin, so you have to use a botpassword, or do it yourself via raw API.get and requests.


Edit a page, by its ID or title.

  • page: either the page ID or the page title
  • content: either a dictionary or a string, if it is a string, replace the entire page with content.
  • token: (Optional) the csrf token, can be obtained via the first returned value of API.csrf(), or generated by the library itself.
  • timestamp: (Optional) a valid timestamp for detecting edit confident, can be obtained via the second returned value of API.csrf(). Not detecting edit confident ("now") by default.


Upload a file

  • file: the file to upload, can be a URL, local file path or a binary file object
  • filename: the target file name, without the File: prefix
  • comment: (Optional) the upload summary. For new files, also set the wikitext content to this
  • token: (Optional) the csrf token, can be obtained via the first returned value of API.csrf(), or generated by the library itself.


Watch or unwatch a page

  • pages: Array of page titles or string of a page title
  • expiry: (Optional) When the watch expires, can be relative ("1 month"), absolutive ("2014-09-18T12:34:56Z") or no expiry ("infinite", "indefinite", "infinity" or "never", this is the default option)
  • unwatch: (Optional) if true, unwatch instead of watch the pages, default to false
  • token: (Optional) the watch token, can be obtained via API.token("watch"), or generated by the library itself.


Get a action token.

  • type: The token type, can be one of these: createaccount, csrf, deleteglobalaccount, login, patrol, rollback, setglobalaccountstatus, userrights, watch


Get a login token (type: login).


Get a CSRF token (type: csrf).

API.get(body) and,[files])

Do RAW API requests, by GET or POST.

  • body: the request parameters
  • files: (Optional, POST only) the file to upload, for action = upload

Error handling


The father of all MediaWiki Error Class. The following data are given:

  • dump: the RAW JSON data, in case you have to do more things to the data
  • codes: List of error codes
  • message: The error description text (if there are only one), or human-readable list of error codes (if there are more than one)


Error during login. There are no error codes (an empty list), only dump and message are given.

Project details

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