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Python library for interacting with the Amazon MWS API

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Python package for interacting the Amazon Marketplace Web Services API.

This project is a fork and continuation of czpython/python-amazon-mws with added Python 3 support.


Install the latest version from PyPI.

pip install mws

Currently the mws package on PyPI points to the 0.x branch, but at some later point may point to 1.x.

Versions Description Branch
0.x A backwards-compatible drop in replacement for the original package (i.e. same method signatures, class names, etc) with some extra features and anything that was obviously broken fixed. master
1.x New features along with backwards-incompatible API changes. develop

If you want to continue using the 0.x versions, please pin your package to major version 0. i.e use something like mws~=0.8.6 in your project's requirements.txt.

If you want to use 1.x functionality right now, you can install directly from the Git repo.

pip install git+


Export your API credentials as environment variables in your shell.

export MWS_ACCOUNT_ID=...
export MWS_ACCESS_KEY=...
export MWS_SECRET_KEY=...

Now you can experiment with the API from within an interactive Python shell e.g.

>>> import mws, os
>>> orders_api = mws.Orders(
...     access_key=os.environ['MWS_ACCESS_KEY'],
...     secret_key=os.environ['MWS_SECRET_KEY'],
...     account_id=os.environ['MWS_ACCOUNT_ID'],
...     region='UK',   # defaults to 'US'
... )
>>> service_status = orders_api.get_service_status()
>>> service_status
<mws.mws.DictWrapper object at 0x1063a2160>
>>> service_status.original
'<?xml version="1.0"?>\n<GetServiceStatusResponse xmlns="">\n  <GetServiceStatusResult>\n    <Status>GREEN</Status>\n    <Timestamp>2017-06-14T16:39:12.765Z</Timestamp>\n  </GetServiceStatusResult>\n  <ResponseMetadata>\n    <RequestId>affdec68-05d2-4bc5-a8a4-bb40f307dd6b</RequestId>\n  </ResponseMetadata>\n</
>>> service_status.parsed
{'value': '\n    ', 'Status': {'value': 'GREEN'}, 'Timestamp': {'value': '2017-06-14T16:39:12.765Z'}}
>>> service_status.response
<Response [200]>


All dependencies for working on mws are in requirements.txt and docs/requirements.txt.


Tests are run with pytest. We test against Python 2.7 and supported Python 3.x versions with Travis.


Docs are built using Sphinx. Change into the docs/ directory and install any dependencies from the requirements.txt there.

To build HTML documentation, run:

make html

The output HTML documentation will be in docs/build/.

To run a live reloading server serving the HTML documentation (on port 8000 by default):

make livehtml


Please make pull requests to develop. Code coverage isn't necessary but encouraged where possible (especially for anything which might behave differently between Python 2/3).

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