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MX Sniffer

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MX Sniff

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MX Sniff identifies well known email service providers given an email address or a domain name. Use this to find out how many users in your email database are Gmail users (via Google Apps).

To install, get it from PyPI:

$ pip install mxsniff

Or get the development branch direct from GitHub:

$ pip install

Command line usage:

$ mxsniff
$ mxsniff -v
$ mxsniff @filename_with_list_of_domains_or_emails_or_urls
$ mxsniff -p

Python usage:

>>> from mxsniff import mxsniff, mxbulksniff
>>> mxsniff('')
>>> mxbulksniff(['', ''])  # Returns a generator with one result at a time


  • Fixed wildcard subdomain matching

  • New service provider

  • Updated PyPI classifiers


  • Fixed cache handling

  • Distinguish Yandex public vs hosted email provider


  • mxprobe now distinguishes between soft and hard fails

  • mxsniff command line now produces valid CSV or JSON (verbose mode)

  • Verbose output now includes canonical representation of an email address to facilitate comparison


  • Fix PyPI distribution (no code changes)


  • The providers list now includes provider metadata (title, note, url)

  • Public email domains are now tagged and identified in results

  • A static domain list is included for very popular domains (typically public email domains)

  • The command line script now handles IDN names correctly

  • Email probe feature, to attempt a guess on whether the email is actually valid


  • Added support for wildcards in domain names

  • Additional providers

  • Detect self-hosted email servers

  • Remove verbose mode in the mxsniff function; always verbose now

  • Track MX TLDs

  • Run queries in a multiprocess pool in the command line version


  • Updated README and minor bugfixes


  • Python 3 and PyPy support

  • mxsniff now returns a string or None, switching to a list only when multiple service providers are found

  • get_domain now extracts the TLD when a URL is provided, so www. and other subdomains are ignored

  • New mxbulksniff to run on a large list

  • Verbose mode to also retrieve MX values

  • New console script for easy use and batch processing of large lists

  • More providers


  • First version

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