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My friendly library base class - for Python.

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My friendly library base class - for Python.


One in general tend to need a library specific base class, but creating one for every new library with some common logger customization means redundant work every time. This library base class right now don't do much now beside setting up a default logger, but keeps library code a bit cleaner.

NOTE: Possibly should support being used as a mixin (e.g. @mybase.mixin) optionally, but not yet implemented.


Install using pip:

$ pip install mybase


Very basic example:

from mybase import Base

class Foo(Base):

    def hello():
        self.logger.log('hello from instance: `{0}`'.format(self))

foo = Foo()

# logs using default logger - with colors unless disabled via `COLORS` / `LOGGER_COLORS` env variables
foo.logger.log('hello world 1')


import logging

foo2 = Foo(logger = logging.get_logger('custom'))

# logs using custom logger
foo.logger.log('hello world 2')

foo3 = Foo(logger = False)

# logs nothing
foo.logger.log('hello world 3')


Clone down source code:

$ make install

Run colorful tests, with only native environment (dependency sandboxing up to you):

$ make test

Run less colorful tests, with multi-environment (using tox):

$ make test-tox


  • mybad - "My error base class - for Python"


This project was mainly initiated - in lack of solid existing alternatives - to be used at our work at to have common code conventions between various programming environments where Python (research, CV, AI) is heavily used.


Released under the MIT license.

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