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Opinionated uWSGI setup

Project description


Setting up uWSGI for a new Python project is hard. uWSGI provides a million configuration options and a million ways to do everything. I have slimmed this down to a core set of basic options.

These options are very opinionated and how I've grown to like doing things.


pip install mywsgi

How do I

There are two APIs for working with mywsgi. A Python API, and a CLI API.


mywsgi comes along with a CLI interface. This is the simplest way to get going.

$ mywsgi --help
usage: mywsgi [-h] module bind

positional arguments:
  module      python wsgi module
  bind        ip:port to bind to

optional arguments:
  -h, --help  show this help message and exit
mywsgi foo.wsgi:application

If you want to override or change any uWSGI variables, the only way to do this is through uWSGI's native environment variables. So something like:

mywsgi foo.wsgi:application

Python API

The Python API is simple, it exposes one function with two required arguments.

import mywsgi

Running this ultimately execs out and hands off all control over to uWSGI. So beyond this call, nothing else will run. Your program is gone.

You can pass additional uWSGI arguments along to this as additional kwargs:

import mywsgi

Anything passed in as kwargs is directly passed along to uWSGI and will override my defaults.

Bring your own uWSGI

This package does not directly require uWSGI, but it supports working with both the uWSGI package and the great pyuwsgi package.

I'd highly recommend using pyuwsgi instead of uWSGI directly. pyuwsgi is just a compiled binary distribution of uWSGI.

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