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This is nabla_custom hooks package

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Nabla custom git hooks

This project intend to be uses by all Nabla products

Table of contents


This hooks requires the following to run:

See requirements.txt for mandatory packages.

This pre-commit hooks requires the following to run:

Install nabla-hooks as a developer

Using virtualenv

Install python 3.8 and virtualenv

virtualenv --no-site-packages /opt/ansible/env38 -p python3.8
source /opt/ansible/env38/bin/activate

pip3.8 install -r hooks/requirements.txt -r requirements.testing.txt

Install nabla-hooks to use it

Using Pip

pip install nabla-hooks

From Source

pip install git+

Add .pre-commit-config.yaml in you git project

  1. create .pre-commit-config.yaml in you git project

example .pre-commit-config.yaml as following:

-   repo:
    rev: v1.0.0
    - id: git-branches-check

Testing locally

-   repo: local
    -   id: git-branches-check
        name: GIT branches check
        description: Check for old stale and already merged branches from the current repo with user friendly messages and colors
        entry: pre_commit_hooks/
        language: script
        types: [shell]
        always_run: true
        verbose: true
        args: [--max=1, --verbose]

$ pre-commit try-repo . git-branches-check --verbose

  1. Install in your repo

Run pre-commit install pre-commit install -f --install-hooks

  1. enjoy it

Run pre-commit run --all-files

Run SKIP=flake8 git commit -am 'Add key' Run git commit -am 'Add key' --no-verify

Override global environement variable


See jira

With user/pass

export JIRA_USER=aandrieu
export JIRA_URL=https://localhost/jira
export JIRA_CERT_PATH=/etc/ssl/certs/NABLA-CA-1.crt
export JIRA_CERT_PATH=/etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt

#### With email/token

export JIRA_PASSWORD=XXX # the token you generated
export JIRA_URL==https://localhost/jira
export JENKINS_URL=https://localhost/jenkins/
export JENKINS_USER=aandrieu

The Templates Directories

See git-hooks-using-python


First time run

cp -r hooks/* .git/hooks/` or `rm -Rf ./.git/hooks/ && ln -s ../hooks ./.git/hooks && git checkout thisrepo hooks/


We have two directories that interest us:

The /usr/share/git-core/templates/ directory on Linux and C:/Program Files (x86)/Git/share/git-core/templates/ directory on Windows (Note that on 32bit machines msysGit is installed by default on 'C:/Program Files/…') in which the default hooks are being copied from. If you installed Git using another configuration the installation might reside in a different folder. Adjust the path accordingly.

The .git/hooks/ directory is the directory in which the hooks templates are being copied to.

The hooked are being copied from the [...]/share/git-core/templates/ directory. There are other types of templates but they are out of scope for this post.

Note: If you change the templates directory the hooks directory must be a subdirectory of the templates directory. Do not set the templates directory to the desired hooks directory instead.


git config --global init.templatedir /workspace/users/albandrieu30/nabla-hooks/

Package nabla-hooks as a developer

See setup-cfg

Build a source distribution (a tar archive of all the files needed to build and install the package):

python3 sdist Builds wheels: python3 bdist_wheel Build from source: python3 build And install: /opt/ansible/env38/bin/python3 install

sudo python develop pip install . pip install -e ./

Upload a source distribution

See api-tokens

python3 sdist bdist_wheel nano $HOME/.pypirc python3 -m twine upload --repository testpypi dist/*

Uploaded nabla-hooks

Test nabla-hooks as a developer

shell usage


from hooks import get_msg match_msg


tox --notest
tox -e py  # Run tox using the version of Python in PATH
tox py38

From root directory

export PYTHONPATH=hooks
pytest --cache-clear --setup-show test/

Visual Code

Add PYTHONPATH=hooks for pytest when inside visual studio

export PYTHONPATH=hooks
code .

Update Table of Contents

npm install --save markdown-toc

brew install github-markdown-toc gh-md-toc --insert

Project details

Download files

Download the file for your platform. If you're not sure which to choose, learn more about installing packages.

Source Distribution

nabla_hooks-1.0.2.tar.gz (56.3 kB view hashes)

Uploaded source

Built Distribution

nabla_hooks-1.0.2-py2.py3-none-any.whl (22.2 kB view hashes)

Uploaded py2 py3

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