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Nagios plugin to check AWS CloudWatch metrics

Project description

This plugin for checks AWS CloudWatch metrics. It uses the popular boto library to gather metric values. This plugin does not currently have a means of directly supplying AWS credentials - for this, consult the boto docs.


  1. pip install nagios-cloudwatch-plugin

  2. /usr/local/bin/ -h:

    usage: [-h] -n NAMESPACE -m METRIC [-d DIMENSIONS]
                               [-s {Average,Sum,SampleCount,Maximum,Minimum}]
                               [-p PERIOD] [-l LAG] [-r]
                               [--divisor-namespace DIVISOR_NAMESPACE]
                               [--divisor-metric DIVISOR_METRIC]
                               [--divisor-dimensions DIVISOR_DIMENSIONS]
                               [--divisor-statistic {Average,Sum,SampleCount,Maximum,Minimum}]
                               [--delta DELTA] [-w RANGE] [-c RANGE] [-v]
                               [-R REGION]
                               [-P profile_name]
    Nagios plugin to check cloudwatch metrics
    optional arguments:
      -h, --help            show this help message and exit
      -n NAMESPACE, --namespace NAMESPACE
                            namespace for cloudwatch metric
      -m METRIC, --metric METRIC
                            metric name
      -d DIMENSIONS, --dimensions DIMENSIONS
                            dimensions of cloudwatch metric in the format
      -s {Average,Sum,SampleCount,Maximum,Minimum}, --statistic {Average,Sum,SampleCount,Maximum,Minimum}
                            statistic used to evaluate metric
      -p PERIOD, --period PERIOD
                            the period in seconds over which the statistic is
      -l LAG, --lag LAG     delay in seconds to add to starting time for gathering
                            metric. useful for ec2 basic monitoring which
                            aggregates over 5min periods
      -r, --ratio           this activates ratio mode
      --divisor-namespace DIVISOR_NAMESPACE
                            ratio mode: namespace for cloudwatch metric of the
      --divisor-metric DIVISOR_METRIC
                            ratio mode: metric name of the divisor
      --divisor-dimensions DIVISOR_DIMENSIONS
                            ratio mode: dimensions of cloudwatch metric of the
      --divisor-statistic {Average,Sum,SampleCount,Maximum,Minimum}
                            ratio mode: statistic used to evaluate metric of the
      --delta DELTA         time in seconds to build a delta mesurement
      -w RANGE, --warning RANGE
                            warning if threshold is outside RANGE
      -c RANGE, --critical RANGE
                            critical if threshold is outside RANGE
      -v, --verbose         increase verbosity (use up to 3 times)
      -R REGION, --region REGION
                            The AWS region to read metrics from
      -P profile_name, --profile profile_name
                    Profile name from ~/.aws/credentials


Cloudwatch metrics

For information on how CloudWatch stores metrics check this doc out.

  • Simple EC2 CPU Utilization check, with warning and critical threshold ranges: -R us-west-2 -n AWS/EC2 -m CPUUtilization -p 600 -d InstanceId=i-abcd1234 -w 0:75 -c 0:90 -R us-west-2 -n AWS/EC2 -m CPUUtilization -p 600 -d InstanceId=i-1bcd1234 -w 0:75 -c 0:90 -P dc-live -R us-west-2 -n AWS/EC2 -m CPUUtilization -p 600 -d InstanceId=i-2bcd1234 -w 0:75 -c 0:90 -P dc-staging


0.2.7 - May 01, 2018: Added option to specify AWS credential profile. Thanks l13t!

0.2.6 - Oct 23, 2014: Updated Readme example, fixed typoes. Thanks sampierson !

0.2.5 - Sep 09, 2014: Support passing region as an argument, defaulting to boto default. Thanks grahamlyons!

0.2.4 - Nov 20, 2013: Added support for delta monitoring of a single metric. Thanks nesQuick & s0enke!

0.2.3 - Nov 20, 2013: Added support for monitoring ratio between two metrics. Thanks nesQuick & s0enke!


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