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Lints naiserator.yaml files

Project description


A simple Python script to validate that your NAIS yaml file adheres to the NAIS specifications.

GitHub Action

To set up this as a GitHub Action, add the following as a step in your workflow:

    - name: naislint nais.yaml
      uses: nais/naislinter@v1.0.2
        RESOURCE: nais.yaml

The action follows the same footprint as nais/deploy for injecting variables to templates, however some environment variables are not required, such as APIKEY, CLUSTER.

Local installation

pip install naislinter

Local usage

naislinter nais.yaml

Will print any path in the config tree that falls outside of the spec and return a non-zero code if any were encountered.

Returns 0 if the file is valid according to the NAIS specifications.


This does not validate value types, this is not in scope as nais/deploy verifies types and rejects a deployment if the NAIS yaml file is malformed in this fashion.

Additionally, this tool requires a fully formed NAIS yaml file, after any template injections. A file containing {{ image }} will therefore fail, unless the variable has been injected. This is not relevant in the GitHub Action, as template injection happens before naislinter runs.

Finally, in its current state, the tool is unable to verify objects within lists. For instance:

        - name: KEY
          value: value
        - name: ANOTHER_KEY
          value: another_value
          key_outside_of_spec: hello!

key_outside_of_spec will not be caught as an error since it's in an object within a list.

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