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Export nano_node stats for prometheus

Project description


A simple metrics exporter for a nano-node daemon



  • pip3 install nano-prom-exporter


nano-prom [-h] [--rpchost RPCHOST] [--rpc_port rpc_port] [--datapath DATAPATH] [--push_gateway push_gateway] [--hostname JOBNAME] [--interval SEC] [--username USERNAME] [--password PASSWORD] [--config_path PATH/TO/config.ini]

Optional Arguments
-h, --help show this help message and exit
--rpchost RPCHOST "[::1]" default host string
--rpc_port rpc_port "7076" default rpc port
--datapath DATAPATH "~/Nano/" as default
--push_gateway push_gateway "http://localhost:9091" prometheus push gateway, for multiple use config.ini and --config_path
--hostname JOBNAME socket.gethostname() jobname to pass to gateway
--interval SEC "10" seconds between pushing
--username USERNAME "" http_basic_auth username, for multiple use config.ini and --config_path
--password PASSWORD "" http_basic_auth password, for multiple use config.ini and --config_path
--config_path PATH/TO/config.ini "" path to config.ini for multiple push gateway and basic_auth support

Sample config.ini

rpcIP = localhost ; ip for rpc
rpcPort = 7076 ; port for rpc
nodeDataPath = ~/Nano/ ; path to Nano Directory
hostname = testing ; hostname will default to socket.gethostname if not configured
interval = 10 ; default 10 seconds

;example showing push gateway with no auth
[] ; push gateway full url and port

;example showing push gateway with basic_auth
[] ; push gateway full url and port
username = test ; username for basic auth
password = testing ; password for basic auth 

Stats exposed:

Source Prometheus Series{tag} Info
rpc nano_rpc_response histogram of rpc response by action
nano_active_difficulty Active Difficulty Multiplier
nano_active_difficulty_receive Active Difficulty Receive Multiplier
nano_block_count{type} Block Count Statistics
nano_confirmation_history{count} Block Confirmation Average{count sample size}
nano_node_frontier_count Frontier Count
nano_node_quorum_delta Quorum Delta From Confirmation Quorum
nano_node_online_stake_total Online Stake Total
nano_node_peers_stake_total Peered Stake Total
nan_node_trended_stake_total Trended Stake Total
nano_node_peer_count raw peer count
nano_uptime node uptime(sec)
nano_version version string
nano_stats_counters{type, detail, dir} stats counter entries by type detail and direction
nano_stats_objects_count{l1,l2,l3} stats object count {l1,l2,l3}
nano_stats_objects_size{l1,l2,l3} stats object size {l1,l2,l3}
telemetry_raw_blocks raw telemetry block count by endpoint
telemetry_raw_cemented raw telemetry cemented count by endpoint
telemetry_raw_unchecked raw telemetry unchecked count by endpoint
telemetry_raw_accounts raw telemetry account count by endpoint
telemetry_raw_bandwidth raw telemetry bandwidth cap by endpoint
telemetry_raw_peer raw telemetry peer count by endpoint
telemetry_raw_protocol raw telemetry protocol version by endpoint
telemetry_raw_major raw telemetry major version by endpoint
telemetry_raw_minor raw telemetry minor version by endpoint
telemetry_raw_patch raw telemetry patch version by endpoint
telemetry_raw_pre raw telemetry pre-release version by endpoint
telemetry_raw_uptime raw telemetry uptime by endpoint
telemetry_raw_maker raw telemetry maker by endpoint
telemetry_raw_timestamp raw telemetry received timestamp by endpoint

|system|nano_node_memory_rss{pid}|allocated and in ram| | |nano_node_cpu_usage{pid}|percentage CPU usage| | |nano_node_threads{pid,tid}|percentage of total CPU per thread id | | |nano_node_database|size of database(bytes)| | |nano_node_volume_free|size of volume hosting DATAPATH free| | |nano_node_volume_used|size of volume hosting DATAPATH used| | |nano_node_volume_total|size of volume hosting DATAPATH total| | |nano_node_memory_vms{pid}|all memory used| | |nano_node_memory_paged_pool{pid}| |

Development Requirements:

  • prometheus-client pip3 install prometheus-client
  • requests pip3 install requests
  • psutil pip3 install psutil

Development Installation using venv:

  • python3 -m venv venv
  • . /venv/bin/activate
  • pip install -r requirements.txt
  • pip3 install -e . from repo root


Setting NANO_PROM_DEBUG to 1 will print exceptions, useful for debugging

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