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Napalm driver for ArubaOS Switches

Project description

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Driver implementation for Aruba OS Switch. Tested in AOS > WC.16.09.0004, some modules may not work properly in older versions.

Currently supported Napalm methods

* cli()                           ✅
* close()                         ✅
* commit_config()                 ✅
* compare_config()                ✅
* compliance_report()             ✅
* confirm_commit()                ✅
* discard_config()                ✅  
* get_arp_table()                 ✅
* get_bgp_config()                ❌*
* get_bgp_neighbors()             ❌*
* get_bgp_neighbors_detail()      ❌*
* get_config()                    ✅
* get_environment()               ❌  - Planned
* get_facts()                     ✅
* get_firewall_policies()         ❌*
* get_interfaces_counters()       ❌***
* get_interfaces()                ✅
* get_interfaces_ip()             ✅
* get_ipv6_neighbors_table()      ❌*
* get_lldp_neighbors()            ✅
* get_lldp_neighbors_detail()     ✅
* get_network_instances()         ❌*
* get_mac_address_table()         ✅
* get_ntp_peers()                 ✅
* get_ntp_servers()               ✅
* get_ntp_stats()                 ✅
* get_optics()                    ❌  - Planned
* get_probes_*()                  ❌*
* get_route_to()                  ✅
* get_snmp_information()          ❌  - Planned
* get_users()                     ❌  - Planned
* has_pending_commit()            ✅
* is_alive()                      ✅
* load_merge_candidate()          ✅**
* load_replace_candidate()        ✅
* load_template()                 ✅
* open()                          ✅
* ping()                          ✅
* rollback()                      ✅
* traceroute()                    ✅

* N/A - not supported on the tested ArubaOS devices

** Incomplete support for load merge, configuration is directly pushed to the running config. Not recommended, use with precaution !!!

*** No easy way to get this. API does not support it and there's no single command to display it for all ports

Getting Started


The following software is required:

  • Python3
  • Pip
  • Python modules specified in requirements.txt


To install simply run:

pip3 install napalm-arubaos-switch

Switch configuration

This driver relies exclusively on the REST API of Aruba Switches, and it needs to be enabled beforehand. To enable the REST API in the switch, just run:

web-management ssl
rest-interface session-idle-timeout 120 #optional


optional_args can be set during initialization like this:

from napalm import get_network_driver

d = get_network_driver("arubaoss")

with d('', 'username', 'password', optional_args={'ssl_verify': False, "debugging": True}) as aruba:

The following values can be set in optional_args:

  • ssl_verify: bool/str = defaults to True - will be passed to the requests object (description can be found here)
  • keepalive: bool = defaults to False - sets the underlying TCP connection to either keep the connection or not and is a workaround for an issue with ArubaOS devices (discussed here)
  • keep_alive: bool = same as keepalive, just shadows it to be able to use the same keyword as in older Python requests versions
  • debugging: bool = defaults to False - sets the level of the logging handler to logging.DEBUG
  • disable_ssl_warnings: bool = defaults to False - disables ssl warnings from urllib3
  • api: string = defaults to v6 - defines the API version
  • ssl: bool = defaults to True, sets http or https


To use the driver with Saltstack, you would typically need a proxy minion.

Proxy minion configuration:

Example pillar's config:

  proxytype: napalm
  driver: arubaoss
  username: manager
  password: manager

Proxy /etc/salt/proxy

master: lab-salt-master
mine_enabled: true # not required, but nice to have

Supported Salt execution modules

More details in Saltstack examples


How to get it running with ansible and some examples are in the Ansible docs

Running the tests

TBD: Explain how to run the automated tests for this system


Please read CONTRIBUTING for details on our process for submitting pull requests to us, and please ensure you follow the CODE_OF_CONDUCT.




See also the list of contributors who participated in this project.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details

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